Nokia developing 5g phone

Nokia is developing a ‘budget’ 5G phone

Nokia is working on a ‘budget’ 5G Smartphone which will be released in 2020, along with other 5G flagships from competitor manufacturers. This ‘value’ edition, as some call it, comes seemingly as an answer to the increasing prices upcoming 5G phones are disclosing. The transition from 4G has made many brands increase their prices significantly, with the Note10+ 5G and Galaxy S10 5G being both around $1,300, much to everyone’s response.

Nokia’s Android device developer, HMD Global, expressed their plans to oblige the needs of the many whose wallets are not so loose on cash. Mr. Juho Sarvikas from HMD Global made the announcement through Digital Trends and said that the users can look forward to a cheaper purchase with the upcoming Nokia 5G phone. Its price is not yet set per se, but the developer promises it will be roughly half the price from the current 5G announced Smartphones from other manufacturers.

“We see a particular opportunity for us in bringing 5G to a more affordable segment as we enter the market. I would love to see us at half of the price where you have 5G today.” – Sarvikas

As it’s always the case with new tech, this upcoming 5G hardware will start off highly priced but will get cheaper quickly with time. Thus, online sources are all unanimously hoping for models below $800. The upcoming Snapdragon 800 series from Qualcomm will feature a 5G modem as a built-in feature, not an additional chip, which will immediately drive the price down significantly. However, because of the limited partnership HMD currently has with the U.S., Mr. Servikas was not able to predict if the new Nokia budged 5G Smartphone will come to the United States. The current state of affairs limits their commerce to just a few low-end phones, but in 2020 things may improve according to several online aficionado magazines.