November Week 4 Recap

November, Week 4 Recap

With the last week of November behind us, we scour the Black Friday battlefields for survivors. Despite the massive discounts, our wallets took a hit no doubt, possibly because we couldn’t resist that -60% discount on something we never thought we would need. However, the good thing is that we surely all stacked up on games, our favorite titles or new ones, as the gaming winter is coming. However, while all this was going on, there have been several other important developments in the industry and we’d like to point out the stuff you might have missed along the way.

Land of Doran

Aficionados from TouchTapPlay have played the latest Ubisoft’s jewel, the mobile port of the old school Heroes of M&M series, and have dished out a Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos Guide: Best Tips & Tricks you must know. Heavily oriented towards finding the best methods and advice for the community, they similarly comprised Land of Doran Cheats: Tips & Guide to get more powerful.


Skullgirls Mobile is a recent multiplayer phenomenon, that’s grown highly popular and competitive in a wide gaming community. However, Hidden Variable Studios, the developers, did not have an easy time making this experience as it is now. They recently talked about their experience to Pocket Gamer in an Interview: Hidden Variable Studios on making Skullgirls Mobile’s mobile multiplayer work and future plans.

Dynasty Warriors

Our colleagues from 148 Apps are following Ria, the epic open-world adventure game for iOS and Android, which just got a major gameplay update. Similarly, also reports about the latest development on the upcoming and eagerly awaited console-quality Dynasty Warriors mobile game, which opened for pre-registration.

November, Week 4 news recap:

Codemasters goes Slightly Mad

Codemasters now owns Slightly Mad Studios, as the world-renown studio purchase it just last week. Codemasters we all know as an acclaimed developer of racing games, but also prominent in several other genres since the late ’80s. They’ve worked on such titles as the TOCA series, Operation Flashpoint, McRae Rally, Pete Sampras Tennis, Lord of the Rings Online, and many others.

They’ve bought Slightly Mad Studios for a reported sum of $30M. They are also known for dishing out some of the most popular racing games, including Need for Speed and Project CARS. As part of the acquisition, they have Project Cars 3 and Project Cars GO Announced.

USA VS China Phone Wars Round 17

There have been multiple recent developments in the ongoing dispute between USA and China, what we’ve dubbed the Phone Wars. Now, seeking for solutions, the Chinese manufacturer’s CEO points out at an inevitable shift in the world market, should both sides continue on their respective separate paths. Huawei was founded by Mr. Ren Zhengfei thirty-two years ago. Mr. Zhengfei points at the inevitable shift in the balance of the world’s market in a press release statement in which he directly talks to the US government and their top firms, calling the Trump ban unlawful and indicating that if it continues to hold, many USA’s rural areas, which depend on Huawei telecom tech, will have their connectivity compromised.

Over 4 million players pre-registered for Black Desert Mobile

According to Pearl Abyss, Black Desert Mobile has already surpassed 4 million pre-registered subscribers for the upcoming mobile version of the game. The 4+ million pre-registered player number accounts for the users on Google Play Store, iOS App Store, and on the games official website. Black Desert Mobile release date is set for December 11, 2019, when the game launches globally. And, Pearl Abyss is celebrating with a giveaway of the game’s merchandise via their official Facebook page.

Honor V30 and V30 Pro presented

Despite all the hardships mentioned in the USA VS China Phone Wars, Huawei still dished out two new Smartphone models, Honor View 30 and Honor View 30 Pro. The two brothers are the brand’s first jab at the 5G network and both come with powerful features, making them the company’s flagship Smartphones that will carry the company onto 2020. The phones feature Kirin 990 SoC chipset and many other fantastic features, but, due to the Trump Ban blacklist, no Google services are available on these devices.

Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos

We dished out the Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos mobile game review, which is slowly launching in select countries and will soon be open worldwide, after a brief period of pre-registration. The game brings the eagerly awaited and fan-favorite M&M world to mobiles, with the original characters from the iconic Heroes 3 game. Of course, the mobile game has its own content, campaign, gameplay features, and much more, which is currently being positively welcomed by old and new fans alike.