Obsidian's next game The Outer Worlds

Obsidian Games will reveal the Outer Worlds next week

It’s been a while since we’ve heard about Obsidian’s next game being made, but except for the information it’s currently in work, we really didn’t know anything else. Until now, that is. Obsidian announced that there will be a proper reveal of Tim Caine’s next game called Outer Worlds during this year’s Game Award, that will take place this week. At the developer’s official page you can see a retro-futuristic banner, a jingle, and a countdown until the big reveal moment.

In January of this year, Obsidian has filed and secure the trademark for the title “The Outer Worlds”, which covers several fields including a trading card game. But we’re pretty sure that Obsidian has learned their lesson with meddling outside of the RPG genre, so we can say for sure that trading card game is not in the plans for Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky. After a long time of being quiet, Obsidian started the advertising campaign with some banner pop-up ads and a countdown until the Game Awards, colloquially known as Most Holy Dorito Awards, don’t ask why.

Special Message - Outer Worlds

According to the banner, the current Obsidian bosses (and former founders of Troika), went for a retro-futuristic approach to whatever their game is going to be. At least concerning the style, which is not really something you should wonder about, considering how it worked in the Fallout franchise (which was, by the way, made by Tim Cain). Obsidian was acquired by Microsoft recently, so Cain and his team will not have any financial struggles with The Outer Worlds as they’ve had with Fallout.  

Except for the aforementioned info, we don’t know for sure what the Outer Worlds might be, but the foreshadowing for the big reveal this week might be Tim Cain’s closing talk at last year’s Reboot Develop conference. In that speech he mentioned several times about his idea of a modern streamlined old-school RPG and how it might look.

We will know more about this game at this time next week when the Game Awards bring us a big revelation. It would be interesting to see how much Microsoft’s influence can do for a studio with older financial power and the influence it has.