Thursday, November 22

Old School RuneScape is Out on Mobile Devices Worldwide


Back in 2013, developer and publisher Jagex released their massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Old School RuneScape. Just a few days ago, the game got its iOS and Android version which was only fitting since the game gained in its popularity over time. Namely, Old School RuneScape was created as an exact copy of RuneScape but over time had a lot of changes thanks to user feedbacks, like new content, quality of life patches and engine upgrades.

Old School RuneScape is a sandbox MMORPG is a harsh game. After a several minutes tutorial which barely tells you anything, you are dropped in the game to fend for yourself. Actually, Old School RuneScape is the old-fashioned game which doesn’t serve you all the tids and bits on the platter, but let you learn and truly experience the adventure through ups and downs. If you enjoy the game that exercises tough love, then you will find Old School RuneScape perfect.

But, let’s go a few years back when Old School RuneScape didn’t exist and its predecessor RuneScape was there. This was a point-and-click adventure with players controlling a single character and usual interactions with NPCs. However, after Jagex made a huge update the game turned into a game everybody calls RuneScape 3. After that, Jagex ran a survey among the players asking them to decide whether they would like independent servers to play old RuneScape. When almost half a million users said yes to the proposition, Old School RuneScape was created.

What you need to know about this game, especially if you play it for the first time, is that there are no classes. Everyone has 23 skills which can be loosely designated as combat, crafting and gathering skills. For example, Herblore is crafting skill, Strength is combat and Mining is gathering. The skills start from level one and level up to 99 during the gameplay as you gain experience. To put this into perspective, you won’t be a warrior but will possess high Attack, or have high Magic instead of being a Mage. Old School RuneScape, thus, encourages you to try and develop all the skills and not only concentrate on one. Some players even make it their goal – to get all 99 skills during the game.

Another thing that is here not like in other MMOs it’s the lack of hotkeys, cooldowns and skill bars. This all makes it look like old RPG which is literal and completely tap operated. To move, you need to tap on the square on the grid where you want your character to go to. To talk, you tap the option to do so. The same applies when you are about to attack the enemy.

The game has a very large community you can go to whenever you get stuck and you will. That is the nature of Old School RuneScape. After all, this is the game that allows you to have your own goals, go after the skills and items you want and play the quests that interest you. And this kind of freedom can be intimidating to many. This gives you an opportunity to explore the virtual world of Old School RuneScape.

Game’s controls which use to be keyboard and mostly mouse have been nicely translated into touch so those who transfer to mobile version won’t have a hard time to get used to the gameplay. But, just like with many mobile titles, at times the touch points get very tiny and you start getting annoyed with having fat fingers, even if you don’t. However, unlike other games, this one is slow-paced so you won’t get overly frustrated if you miss a tap and take some time to do it right. That’s the silver lining I guess.

Mobile version also changes the perspective of playing the RPG games. It used to take time for that sitting at home glued to the computer. Now, you can basically play true-to-heart RPG anywhere where being obsessed with your phone is not rude social behavior. So, this is an as good reason as any to give Old School RuneScape a try and see for yourself how cool this game is.

And the best thing is that Old School RuneScape is cross-platform, meaning you can download a client for your PC or Mac, log in and continue where you left off on your mobile device. So, really, the possibility to play the game at your own terms is always a great option.

7.3 Good
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