OneBit Adventure Open Beta

OneBit Adventure has entered Open Beta

OneBit Adventure, a retro-style, free-to-play, pixel art, rogue-like dungeon crawler video game, is a promising project now in early development stages. Open Beta now welcomes all who are in the mood of trying out something new and potentially really cool, and also to delve into the mind of Mr. Jonathan Concepcion, the lead developer of the project and a prominent indie developer.

Available on Google Play, OneBit Adventure Android is signed by Galactic Slice and is along the lines of Action/Adventure genres. The game is a retro-style pixel art bonanza, but it also includes modern game design and features. In a dungeon-crawling style, you fight through enemies and level up your character as you go. There are different classes to explore with the game’s content already being described as ‘hefty’ while it’s still in open beta and with miles to go.

V1.0 is only the beginning, as the OneBit Adventure official site says, with additional items, quests, bosses, and dungeons all coming on the go. The developer promises the retro aspect of the game will remain intact, while all the feedback from the open beta will be used to mold this title into something crowd pleasing and worthy of being old school at the same time.