Our new grading system for game reviews


Hello everyone! We are happy to announce our new rating system for game reviews. All of the games we review will be graded in three categories – Atmosphere, Graphics, and Gameplay.

– The atmosphere includes general feel of the game, the immersion level, sound, music, and pretty much everything else that pulls you into the game world.

– Graphics are measured by the quality of the visual assets of the game, the animation, cutscenes, the number of small details and pretty much everything that meets the eyes.

– Gameplay includes the responsiveness of the controls, overall smoothness of the game, the quality of the user interface, loading times, the number of in-game bugs or glitches, etc.

Each of those categories will be graded from 1 to 10. The final grade of the game will be the average of all three categories. Depending on that one, each game will fall into one of the following grade levels.

blue moon game score rating

Awful – Overall grade is less than 5. These games are not nearly as good as they should be and they are lacking a lot of things in order to be rated higher, whether it is due to bugs, bad controls, unpolished gameplay or anything else that could ruin the player experience. These games should, in most cases, be avoided and are only recommended for some hardcore fans – in case it is a game/book/movie franchise.

blue moon game score rating

Fair – Overall grade is between 5 and 7. These games are decent enough to satisfy some players but are still short of something to be rated higher. These reasons may often include some bugs, flaws in the game design, not so smooth gameplay, bad atmosphere, etc. In all honesty, they are decent enough to kill time if you have nothing better to do, but in most cases, you won’t regret skipping them out entirely.

blue moon game score rating

Good – Overall grade is between 7.1 and 8. These games are well designed and polished enough to make it into this level. Most of the time, they aren’t masterpieces but are good enough to satisfy most of the player base of the given genre. If the game is rated within this grade, you’ll be ok with giving them a try, especially if you are a fan of that genre.

blue moon game score rating

Epic – Overall grade is between 8.1 and 9. Most of the games placed in this grade level offer a remarkable gameplay experience and should definitely be checked out by all players, especially the fans of their genres. In most cases, they will have a very good game design, they are bug-free and there aren’t many things that could negatively impact your gaming experience when playing them.

blue moon game score rating

Legendary – Overall grade is between 9.1 and 10. These games are simply said – masterpieces. Pretty much every game that fits into this grade level is extremely well designed and offers a supreme gaming experience. They will provide you with countless hours of fun and entertainment and you definitely won’t regret spending time playing them, whether you are a fan of their genre or not. Any game that falls into this grade is highly recommended for every gamer.

We hope that this information will be useful to you when checking out our reviews and deciding if any of the games we review is worth your time.

10.0 GODLY
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  • Epicness 10
  • Rockin' 10
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