Outward will be released in March

Most of the video games put you in the role of the most important character in the world, the chosen one who will save everyone, a super powerful Hero and so on. In order to try a bit different approach, the developers of Outward decided to make the main character quite ordinary.

Indeed, your character is just a regular person, although they can be trained to be quite skillful with sword or spells. After all, the world of the Outward is very harsh and unforgiving, with dangers looming everywhere, so there’s a lot of skill needed in order to survive. Basically, you have to keep yourself sated, maintain healthy body temperature and not to get stabbed. When a game is trying its best to take you to the premature death, it is reasonable to expect a lot of survival mechanics. More so, many things that you took for granted in other games are quite more complicated in this one. For example, magic is not omnipotent and instant, but it requires a complex ritual with a lot of items and a magic circle. You actually need to put in some effort before you start burning enemies to a crisp.

The most unusual feature of this game is the so-called dynamic death. When you are defeated in combat you are not necessarily killed. Sometimes you get captured and forced to work for some bandits. In that case, you need to find a way to stage an escape. The consequences really depend on how complicated the situation really is, and if you are lucky enough you might get even saved by God himself.

Outward Gameplay

The game really goes by the saying “why make it simple when it can be complicated?” For instance, the way you make food effects greatly on your performance. If you are a warrior, roasted meat from a big predator will make you fired up and ready for a battle. If you are into magic, though, you will need more fitting recipes.

Inventory is generally more detailed, and it has more impact on combat and exploration. You can carry only 10 items on your belt, so if you want to carry more you have to invest in a backpack. However, the bigger backpack will make you slower and get in the way in combat.

There are multiplayer options too, in form of a cooperative split screen or online, so if you need someone to work as your mule, torch holder or bait for the bandits, this nice feature would come in handy to you.

It is quite unusual to see the combination of RPG and survival mechanics, and if everything goes well Outward might become one of the revolutionary games that we will mention in the future. Let’s wait until the end of the March and see.