Overwatch Baptiste Origine Story

Overwatch – Baptiste Origin Story Official Trailer

The 30th Overwatch character is here and he is going to join the game in just a few days. The new trailer released hours ago features Baptiste a combat medic whose origin story you can watch in the reveal trailer we have for you below.

As trailer showed us, Baptiste was one of the millions of children who became orphans during the Omnic Crisis. He joined Talon, a group of really bad people who disregard any morals and believes that humanity will become stronger through conflict. However, Baptiste didn’t stay there long, seeing Talon for what it is and left to become a vigilante like Soldier 76. Of course, Talon sent its operatives after him, but they disappeared without a trace. Baptiste then decided to help people in any capacity he can as a combat medic. Some people he heals, and others he eliminates – depending on what proves to be the morally correct choice.

Thanks to his time with Talon, Baptiste learned how to fight and defend himself. But also, he gained knowledge on how to heal others. This is an interesting notion since it shows that Baptiste will use this concept of choice in the gameplay. We still don’t have more details about the character like what kind of weapons he will use or the abilities he will have. But that will be surely something Blizzard will explain soon enough.

Last year, Ashe joined the game as the 29th hero and around a month ago Overwatch got a new map called Paris. And now Baptiste is coming to the gameplay which certainly makes these last few months quite exciting for Overwatch players.

We will definitely hear more about Baptiste once he enters the game and players get a chance to see all his abilities and how he affects the gameplay. However, the very idea that he decides who to heal and who to end (as he pointed out in the trailer) makes him already an interesting character that may bring some change, but also will leave players before a challenging choice during gameplay.