pac man championship deluxe

Pac-man Championship Edition DX – Pac-man evolved

There are some companies that seem to derive great pleasure from selling their user base the same titles over and over again (I’m looking at you, Nintendo and your Switch online library of NES titles), while some really try and go the extra mile in an attempt to bring something fresh with each new generation of their well established IPs.

Take Pac-man Championship Edition DX as an example. Pac-man is, arguably, one of the oldest video game mascots, with a pretty basic gameplay that we all know and love. Some would simply port the same vintage game on mobile devices and call it a day, but this game is so much more. There are eight mazes, each with their own set of rules and aesthetics.

pacman deluxe editiion

The Deluxe part of the title comes from the fact that this is more than just a Championship Edition, where the easiest way to describe the gameplay would be “same old Pac-man, only super fast”. Deluxe mode brings you a new way to interact with the ghosts. Clyde and Co. can now follow you everywhere you go like you are playing the old game of Snake. Grab a Power Pellet and you can munch on the entire row of ghosts, and, let me tell you, that feeling is highly satisfying. Another ghost related novelty is the fact that time seems to slow down once Pac comes close to an enemy, thus making it much easier to make some risky moves. And, if you fail, there is even an option to drop a bomb that resets all the ghosts to their original positions within the maze.

Some mazes are static, like the remake of the original, and do not include the new type of ghosts that are just snoozing on the board until you come near them, while, for instance, the maze named Dungeon is constantly changing akin to a randomly generated dungeon in an RPG game, while Manhattan is big and open, Spiral is small and claustrophobic and so on.
Bandai Namco has managed to turn playing Pac-man into a brand new experience. If you have a single nostalgic bone in your body, give this game a try. You won’t regret it.