Pacybits Fut 20 Review

Pacybits Fut 20 Review

Pacubits Fut 20 is the continuation of the previous installments of the series, all offered by the same mobile gaming company. The games represent an innovation in sports simulations, mobile gaming, and gaming in general. This is a football simulation that could be described as a part card game, part football manager, but in truth, it is not at all like anything seen before, thus it deserves a closer look…

Development and reception

Pacybits is the developer and publisher of Fut game series, which includes several previous installments on both Google Play for Android and on the iTunes App Store for iOS devices. The inception of such a unique concept that has connected together the card collector genre with football manager sim and with some other elements of similar sim games has earned this game pretty high scores on both stores for all the editions, including this one.

On Google Play, PacyBits Fut 20 Android scored an amazing 4.8-star rating from over 111k votes so far, which is incredibly high. On the iTunes App Store, Fut 20 iOS has an even higher 4.9-star rating from over 10k votes and enjoys equally positive feedback. All previous installments of the series score over four stars on both app stores, which is incredible.


This game can be a bit hard to wrap your head around at first, but once you get hooked on its gameplay it gets pretty satisfying. Mainly, as a card collector, it offers possibly the largest ever database of football players of all top league clubs and nations of the world. It is still not as extensive as some manager simulations, but all of the players offered are presented on cards with their portraits and relevant info.

As far as card quality goes, there are the following cards offered in free or in-game purchase packs. While the color does indicate higher or lower quality, some cards offer special players, like Icon Cards, which contain classic famous players like Zinedine Zidane, while Ones To Watch represent players that are currently on the rise and are considered to have a bright future ahead. Cards can be of the following quality:

  • All Silver
  • All Gold
  • All Special
  • All UCL
  • Rare Gold
  • Non-Rare Gold
  • TOTW Gold
  • Icon
  • Pacybits Icon
  • All-Star Nominee
  • Ones To Watch
  • Fut Champs Gold
  • Ultimate Scream
  • Bundesliga POTM
  • Flashback
  • SBC Premium
  • Objectives
  • Non-Rare Silver
  • Rare Silver
  • TOTW Silver
  • Rare Bronze

Building a Team

As far as single player goes, Fut 20 offers Draft mode in which you build your teams from your Card pool. And, you do so for each and every position on the field, including substitutes. While choosing cards that have higher quality players, it is also very important to connect players who are compatible with one another, which will be reflected in your Team Chemistry score. Team chemistry is the reflection of your players’ different nationalities. For instance, if two players on neighboring positions are of the same nationality or at least from the neighboring states, their correlation will be displayed in green or yellow color and they will improve your team’s Chemistry as well as work together better.

Also, how well you chose your team, which players you get, and how well you build your strategy will affect your Team Rating and Squad Rating. Finally, your team’s prowess will be seen in the score estimate for defenders, midfielders, and forwards. Having players from same leagues or nations, while at the same time being highly ranked, will make your team better.


Once your team building is complete, you may choose to either compete in the Draft League or in a Classic Tournament. And, once you start a game, you should see what it’s all about. Then we enter the second part of the manager sim aspect of Fut sports simulator, which is actually going through a match. The match is played automatically ‘behind the scenes’ sort to say, while the player is given a live feed of the match’s highlights, kind of like it’s being done in the sports betting sites or establishments.

The highlights include the most important moments, such as goal chances, close calls, injuries, cards, and stuff like that. Also, the player is not passive and is occasionally asked to participate in the outcome of a free kick or a penalty shoot. If you defend, you choose which parts of the goal to cover. If you shoot, you choose the part of the goal to aim for, and so on. Also, when two players are in a tough duel, the user chooses the method his player should use to approach the duel from the offered methods, like Endurance, Pace, Physical, etc…

Playing matches earn you in-game currency which is used to purchase exclusive cards and card packs and for other features. The game also has other match modes, like playing Versus AI, doing Daily Objectives, reviewing the latest players, participating in online multiplayer drafts and tournaments, and more.


Pacybits Fut 20 is definitely an interesting concept as far as its gaming mechanics go. However, the game is undoubtedly targeted at football fans and people who like meddling with football data, but not the game itself sort to say, like people who like to bet on sports. It offers an endless array of cards with a colorful display of current and old school players, and it also has some rewarding game modes. All in all, the game justifies being such a hit throughout all of its installments.

Pacybits Fut 20



Pacybits Fut 20 justifies being such a hit throughout all of its installments.

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