Pacy Bits FUT 20 Tips & Tricks

Pacybits FUT 20 tips and tricks

The innovative mobile game Pacybits FUT 20, FIFA Ultimate Team’s unofficial companion, is a soccer team building simulator and as such demands a different approach right from the start. Tips and tricks for video game genres we are accustomed to mostly revolve around finding the best ways to optimize your gameplay and gather and/or spend your resources in the best way. And, while the same goals can be set for this title, the whole thing has a unique gameplay style. 

Pacybits FUT 20 tips and tricks

This is the latest installment of the now acclaimed FUT series. Building soccer teams is done via cards, so in a sense, this game uses the card collector gameplay design, but it also simulates real-time soccer games, by only showing the player highlights and enabling control of only a small portion of the match, excluding preparation. You draft players, decide your formation, perform free and penalty kicks, and much more as you participate in some of the games many modes offered. We will try to make your life easier and your game more enjoyable with our Pacybits FUT 20 tips and tricks.

Deck Building

The first thing you need is to create a solid card base with at least 100 cards or more. The game offers unlimited free packs to get you on your way, so you should open as many as you can. Once you get to the three-figure card count, you can begin playing the Versus mode, either against players online or against AI. It is always recommended new players go for the AI to get the hang of the game’s peculiar gameplay elements.

Keep in mind that while the My Packs tab gives unlimited packs, the really good cards, like rare and legendary, come from the packs you purchase at the store, purchasable by your coins and/or credits, so save them up! You are also awarded a free daily Special Pack, which requires you to watch an ad to open, so always do that of course.

Pacybits FUT 20 tips and tricks packs

The rarest cards come from the game’s SBC mode, which offers you to trade a whole team of cards you built for a single extremely rare random card. This is another reason you need to build up your deck as much as possible in Pacybits FUT 20. You can also trade a team for a player from a specific league, but depending on the player you want you’re going to have to satisfy other conditions.

More is more, forget the “less”

If there is a rule about being good at FUT 20 then it would have to be – MORE CARDS! The more cards you have, the better off you are, just like in other card collector games. Of course, in this game, your players i.e. cards, all need to be attuned together in a certain way to raise those two important stats of your team – which is Rating and Chemistry.

Rating and Chemistry – which one is more important?

Roughly speaking, in Pacybits FUT 20 Team Rating is a more important stat before it reaches at least 80, but after that, you should go all out on chemistry. This is why getting really rare cards with high scores is imperative, for they will pump up your team rating high enough in and of themselves, leaving you more room to build up your chemistry. So, after your Rating is above 80, you can perhaps sacrifice a strong player card for a perhaps weaker one but with a better attunement to your team.

Chemistry – yellow and green lines

Chemistry is built by adding players to your team that is connected in some way, either by nationality, same league, or even if they are from the same team which is the rarest occurrence. When those players are adjacent one to another in your formation, they will form a yellow line between them. For these attuned players with yellow lines to form green connections, they also need to be set in their native position while still being adjacent to the mentioned suitable players. The more green lines you have, the better off you are as they will ramp up your Team Chemistry quickly.

Pacybits FUT 20 Tips & Tricks Chemistry

Herein lies the first real tip for getting the rarest cards. Once you open up enough free packs and gather 100+ cards, you should look to form National teams. National teams are not too difficult to form and they will have a naturally high Chemistry. After that, you can sacrifice it in the SBC mode, which will often demand that the team you trade in is comprised off of players of the same nationality and/or perhaps some additional condition.

Getting Coins

To sustain all mentioned habits of building up teams and trading them to snatch those really good cards, you’re going to need lots of coins. The basic and some of the best ways are to keep playing that Draft Mode, either online or against AI. The other is to complete all your Daily and Weekly missions. Both can be done in single-player and yield high resources as well as high-tier cards.

Online Draft is also good because it features player ratings and leagues. The higher your league, the higher the rewards are for winning matches. They yield high coins, some small number of tokens, and even some special packs.

Pacy Bits FUT 20 Tips & Tricks Draft

Furthermore, building your decks and opening cards increases their basic value which can be exchanged for Coins. This is a slow way, but it guarantees a profit. However, good cards you do not have a use for are better saved for the Trade feature. Unlocking Badges in the Trade feature is also the way to go, and they are unlocked by getting certain achievements, which range from collecting a certain amount of in-game currency to doing other in-game challenges, so check them out and pursue those you deem most suited for your particular situation.

Managing highlights and strategy in Pacybits FUT 20

Now, of course, you need to keep winning to get the big rewards, and for that, you need to have a good team assembly, but you also need to manage the match highlights successfully, like free-kicks and your team’s strategy. This depends on your knowledge of the players you have in your team and their stats. If you have a good midfield and good attackers, and by good we mean both scores and chemistry, you can try out the Attack strategy, but you will probably consider Balanced strategy to be the best most of the time. You can go for the Defensive if you are in the lead with the match nearing its end, to keep the advantage and win.

Pacy Bits FUT 20 Tips & Tricks Tactics

When a Scoring Chance presents itself, you will momentarily get to issue instructions to the player with the ball to do two things: Shooting or Physical. This is where your knowledge of the player cards comes into play, as you need to go for a higher score. If the player in question is, for instance, Maradona, you would naturally go for Shooting rather than Physical, for it is his stronger stat. Defending or shooting the Penalty is, in this regard, mostly relying on luck, but of course the higher the stats the more chance you have of selecting the right field for the ball.