Path of Exile finally got the release date on PlayStation 4


A few of days ago Grinding Gear Games came out with the announcement that their Diablo-like action RPG Path of Exile will be released on PlayStation 4 at March 26th. This popular free-to-play game will arrive at the Sony console together with the newest expansion, Synthesis. Grinding Gear Games announced this news on their Twitter account, expressing their joy for joining the PlayStation community.

Path of Exile Synthesis PS4Like many other games from the genre, Path of Exile owes much to the Diablo franchise. However, the biggest influence on this game had Dungeons and Dragons. The aspect of Path of Exile which surpasses every competition is the sheer number of skills your character can learn and develop. We can say without any exaggeration that this game has the biggest skill tree we have ever seen in a game. We are talking about 1325 different skills, and each of them provides various bonuses and buffs to your character.

Path of Exile Synthesis PS4It will be interesting to see how PlayStation 4 players will accept this ramified and complex game, although, considering the number of positive comments, there is no doubt that Path of Exile will become a very welcome addition to the current game library of PlayStation 4.