Path of Exile Mobile Announced

Path of Exile is coming to mobile

Path of Exile, the critically acclaimed hack n’ slash action RPG, is being ported to Smartphones soon. Grinding Gear Games made the announcement at ExileCon 2019, as they said the upcoming mobile version of the game is already in experimental stages. They also unveiled the sequel, Path of Exile 2, as the developers talked a bit about how they are going to make the port work. This reveal comes fairly late compared to Diablo Immortal, the mobile version of the cult favorite game, which was announced a year ago, but given its prolonged development stage, it looks like PoE won’t be too far behind.

According to the unveil video, it seems that the team at Grinding Gear Games was in development for quite some time now. The developers are dead set on delivering the best possible experience, immediately stating that things like pay-to-win mechanics, cumbersome microtransactions, and bothersome ads won’t be a part of their Smartphone transition.

They have also shown how they managed to develop new tech, which actually improved their tools for the game and engine, and made the systems better for all platforms, while making it perfectly adapted for mobile play. As the video shows, the game will bring the authentic Path of Exile gameplay experience to hand-held devices while still looking better than most mobile games of that genre. The control system does look familiar, but the developers say that they won’t compromise on any other aspect of the game for the sake of the port.

Path of Exile Mobile Screenshot

The team admits that they will have to adapt the game to mobile play style in such a way to accommodate the expected shorter game sessions mobile phone gamers usually opt for. This meant map size and turnaround time frames had to be adapted, while the game still had to retain all original features, like Path of Exile builds, items, abilities, and such.

Path of Exile Mobile, as it is titled, is thus completely being developed in-house, without involving any other studio. This is good for all players who would want to try out this game for two reasons. Firstly, the original developing team knows best how to retain the game’s authentic feel and style. And, secondly, because this is their first jab at the mobile gaming market, we expect that their fresh perspective pushes the genre further in terms of gameplay mechanics, controls, features, and other.

And, Grinding Gear Games promises to deliver on all those. Path of Exile Mobile release date is not pinpointed yet exactly, while PoE 2 beta release is set for late 2020. The development process for both titles seems to be approximately half-way through, so we can still expect a period of over one year of waiting. However, the mobile version is promised to be frills-free, no fuss, and unfiltered, while PoE 2 will definitely swipe us off our feet.