Path of Giants iOS and Android

Path of Giants – A puzzling quest for treasure

Path of Giants’ release date for iTunes App Store was on August 27th, and the game already got overly positive feedback from iOS users. It is a new puzzle game that takes all the old school goodness from games like Solstice from NES, and brings it into a modern-day environment, with ramped up difficulty. If you played Solstice, you know that’s saying a lot.

On iTunes App Store, Path of Giants iOS currently has 4.9 stars but the voting pool is too small to be presentable. However, the game climbed to #36 on Casual on its second day since release. It is developed and marketed by Journey Bound Games, and what the sudden appeal might be is the game’s beautiful and intriguing appearance that offers intertwined and quite complex puzzles. It features three explorers on an exploration journey through an icy world. They are searching for the lost treasure and are pitted against various puzzling challenges.

The atmosphere of the game, combined with the music, offers a serene experience and environment in which you can let your mind work out the puzzles you are presented with. The players have control of all the three mentioned explorers and will have to utilize them all, working together, to get through the puzzling challenges before them.

Each level in Path of Giants focuses on increasing the difficulty while maintaining the need for all three characters working together, but often at different tasks. This is achieved with the boosting mechanic through which these three characters boost each other up, but also perform tasks simultaneously at different locations. The challenge is further increased by the moving and enchanted environment that is designed to provide a tough challenge for the player’s mind. This beautifully looking tile is now available on the iTunes App Store at $3.99, while its Android version is TBA.