Pets Race Review

Pets Race review

The latest in the fun department is the Pets Race mobile free online game for Android that pairs racing, competitive multiplayer gameplay, with pet collecting. Developed by Kooapps games, it is a fun and fast-paced game, aimed at younger audiences and people who are just looking to fill in their leisure time with quick excitement and cure motifs.

Kooapps Games is a publisher and developer of easy-to-pick-up fun word games and brain puzzles. They are behind such titles as Word Beach: Connect Letters, Pocket Family: Play & Build a Virtual Home, Poctoword: Fun Word and Brain Puzzle, and Plexiword: Fun Word Guessing Games.

In Pets Race, you collect your pets and control them as you race, run, and jump in a competitive multiplayer racing environment. In its basics, the game pairs a platformer element with a racing setup, and as it is mentioned aims at a broader audience. It is easy to pick up and easy to entertain multiple players as they race with their pets.

Pets Race overview of the basic features:

  • Endless Runner – the game features a ranking system and progression
  • Animal Collector – The game promotes Pet and Animal Care
  • PVP Action – It leans towards competitive multiplayer gameplay primarily
  • Platformer – viewed from a platformer angle, the race tracks contain obstacles
  • Fun Racing – easy to pick up, fun to play with others

Pets Race mobile game then puts the players in a competitive environment and pits them against one another, but the racetrack is a large factor. Featuring obstacles, bonuses, various items, and boosts, mastering a racetrack and showing good reflexes is a separate arena in its own right. It is quite like some old school console racers that have had a similar platformer point of view.

For a mobile game, Pets Race doesn’t demand high-end smartphones and is again targeted at a broad audience, meaning it can also be played on most of the devices. It has low system requirements and the only thing mandatory is an internet connection.


Pets Race mobile game is an addition to the fun department aimed at perhaps providing fun gameplay for parents and their kids, and to provide quality time for the family. Anyone can easily get at the hang of the gameplay, from children to old people. Pets Race Android is free on Google Play and is out now.