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Phantomgate: The Last Valkyrie Tips and Tricks


Phantomgate: The Last Valkyrie proved as an interesting new take on the Nordic mythology, marked with the distinct impact of Anime and JRPG sensibilities. This Android and iOS exclusive is an engaging combination of side-scrolling platformer and RPG, set in vibrant, colorful and carefree looking Nordic-inspired world. However, looks can be deceiving and the journey of Astrid, a promising young Valkyrie in the making, will actually be strewn with many lethal challenges where even the most cutest and fluffiest creatures are just waiting that you lower your guard to slay you in the most violent way possible.

That’s why if you want to survive all the challenges that await you on your path of vengeance and prepare yourself for the final showdown with the mad god Odin and his cohorts, you have to turn this delicate-looking 16 years old girl into a formidable warrior – otherwise, the last Valkyrie won’t last too long. Of course, there are many ways to do that, but if you really want to speed up your training and maximize your Valkyrie potential (as well as those of your Phantom companions), then you should take to heart some of our tips & trick we compiled for the benefit of your righteous quest.

Don’t neglect your Phantoms

With the adventure of epic scope such as Phantomgate: The Last Valkyrie it’s all too easy to become so engaged in the story and action, forgetting all about your Phantom companions and that they need pampering from time to time. However, that’s a serious mistake that you might pay with your life later in the game. After all, you haven’t embarked on this journey on your own but accompanied with feline-like Mini-Ming and other Phantoms you’ll vanquish and collect on your way. The great thing is that the upgrades themselves won’t bring you to poverty, and with little planning and luck, you’ll easily have enough resources for virtually everything. That’s why you should use every occasion to train and evolve your Phantom companions, even those that you’re not particularly keen on taking with you. You never know just when you might need them, right? That way you’ll get stronger and more powerful companions, which will also increase your battle aptitude. And if you start forgetting this vital tip again, just remember Ash Ketchum and how Pokémon trainer would look silly and useless without Pokémon to train.

Phantomgate: The Last Valkyrie Tips and tricks

Choose your friends carefully

Remember what your mamma had taught you about the value of friendship and why you should pick your friends carefully? That’s even more important for a game like this, where the outcome of battles directly depends on the choice of Phantoms you’ll take in battle with you. Just like in any RPG game, you never should create your party consisting of randomly chosen characters. Each Phantom has its own abilities and you should always choose Phantoms that work well together and complement each other, providing you with the as balanced party as possible. Of course, much depends on your personal playstyle, but just keep in mind that all Phantoms conform to basic RPG classes such as Fighters, Healers, Tanks, etc. and that you should include each type if you want to have a party able to overcome all challenges. Now, we know that there’s a mind-boggling number of Phantoms, which will make your choice extremely difficult, especially in the initial phases of the game when you aren’t yet familiar with all different Phantom varieties. So, here’s a well-meaning tip that will make your life easier, particularly in the initial stages: always keep Mini-Ming at your side. Not only she’s quite useful in battle, but she has several healing abilities, including the one to heal the entire party, which will help you to make it alive from some really tricky battles.

Phantomgate The Last Valkyrie guide

Check every nook and cranny

Phantomgate: The Last Valkyrie is a combination of platformer and RPG, which basically means that you’ll spend more than half of the time traveling across magnificent Nordic landscapes. However, these platforming parts aren’t just there to take you from point A to point B and to exercise your agility and jumping proficiency. They also hide countless well-hidden areas which hide many rewards to aid you in your quest in form of gold and other useful trinkets, so be sure to check every corner and collect everything you can. And while we’re on the topic of traveling and finding hidden locations, some of those secluded places hide especially powerful and valuable phantoms, so don’t hesitate to attack them. That way you’ll not only have the opportunity to complete your Phantom collection, but you’ll also gather Phantom Essences and Evolution Runes which will remain behind vanquished Phantoms and which you’ll afterward use to upgrade your companions.

Phantomgate: The Last Valkyrie Tips and Tricks

Take every advantage you can

Well, this might not sound so heroic on the first glance. You might even think that subterfuge and similar trickery are beneath our young Valkyrie. However, the fact of the matter is that you and your friends are faced with scores of enemies and overwhelmingly unfavorable odds. So if you won’t help yourself, no one will, right? There are several ways to do that, but here are a few very specific ones. First of all, always try to ambush your enemies. You’ll do it by sneaking behind them and then engaging in battle. If done successfully, you’ll not only get the first attack, but you’ll also be awarded a buff. Buffs are another thing that can turn the tide of battle. You might see them slowly falling across the screen during the combat. Whatever you do, never miss the opportunity to pick them up and use them on some of your current characters. If you want to bring everything to a next level, you can also pay attention to turn tracker at the top of the screen. They’ll appear there before falling down, so you’ll have the opportunity to decide on time where you’ll put them to the best use. Also, there are debuff effects which act in the identical fashion. Since your enemies can also pick up buffs, you can use debuff effects on them, thus ridding them of their advantages.

Phantomgate The Last Valkyrie

There’s no place like home

Indeed, there isn’t. Whenever you have the time from your adventuring and you want to recuperate from the many challenges and hardships of battles, go to Phantomheim. There you’ll have the chance to reassess your current situation, check your companions, evolve them and make any changes to your party. This is also the place where you can check out things such as achievements and daily rewards. And while you’re there, be sure to daily visit the statue of goddess Freya and collect Phantom Souls.  

These were some of the most important tips and tricks to send you on the right track and provide you with an edge in your upcoming fight with Odin. Of course, the game like Phantomgate: The Last Valkyrie has much more to offer, so there are naturally even more useful tips which could help you up your game and become the tough little Valkyrie. Be sure to apply all that you’ve learned here and strive to discover even more yourself, and you’ll be reunited with your mother in the no time.