Play Games and Save Lives This November

Play Games and Save Lives This November

All those believing and saying that video games are pointless can feel free to shut up now. Reason for that is none other than a charity that gathered around developers and publishers in order to raise £250,000 for children in need. Armistice, a War Child UK’s project is not a new thing and last year it helped 163,231 children.

On Sunday, November 11, the whole world will celebrate 100 years since the end of World War I. So, it’s only fitting that the charity organization which helps children from regions caught by conflict and wars chose November as a month to have their event. With money War, Child UK collects the children will get the chance to learn, grow and play.

Since 2016 when the campaign was first launched, Armistice raised more than $390,000 with the support of 18 big games that have war and conflict as the main theme. Some of these games are Lords Mobile, Shadowgun Legends, Guns of Boom and other worldwide famous titles. Since yesterday, you can buy Armistice Sale content such as peace emblem masks, skins, and non-violent weapons.

The whole project works in a way that encourages studios to participate in non-violent in-game modes and in-game purchasable items. The campaign was supported by gaming industry right from the start and included participants like Sega,, BlackMill Games and M2H, Big Huge Games, Flaregames, 11 Bit Studios, XSplit, Positech Games, Focus Home Interactive, Natural Motion, Gameloft and many others more. The idea is to unite gamers across the globe in the games and thus collect funds for children whose lives were changed by war. And since 2016, 2.25 million gamers participated in this charity event.

“War Child’s Armistice is a unique and exciting initiative. Peace is denied to too many children around the world, but millions of gamers can help some of the world’s most vulnerable children affected by war by playing games as part of War Child’s Armistice,” said War Child UK global ambassador Carey Mulligan. “It’s such an innovative way to fundraise and very simple too – just buying and playing a game you love can help provide crucial support for innocent victims of war.”

Armistice is not the only project whose goal is to help the community. Gamers for Giving is a charity event that will take place in March 2019 and has been happening since 2008 when the tournament was founded. The event is actually a large LAN party and one of the biggest in the United States taking place in Michigan. The charity is focused on gathering funds to provide entertainment devices to children in hospitals.

Another charity is Extra Life which supports the local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. It gathers around thousands of gamers all over the world and since its start in 2008, Extra Life collected more than $40 million for sick children. And there are many more which are concentrated on helping the community by playing games.  

So, if you want to participate in the current Armistice project, visit the official website and see how you can join the cause.