PS5 vs Xbox X series

PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X – Microsoft Strikes Back

According to recent online sources, in overall power, PlayStation 5 will bring roughly 30% less power than Xbox Series X. Reportedly, these figures come from a recent test, which data suggests that PS5 maxes out at 9.2 teraflops, while its competitor, Microsoft’s upcoming baby, goes up to 12 teraflops. This has started a series of online reports and feedback, comparisons, and arguments, but there is apparently very little confirmed info.

Xbox X series

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is definitely next-gen, which was apparent at first sight. Xbox Series X was unveiled during The Game Awards, December 12, 2019, as Microsoft proudly presented it with the bold slogan – the most powerful console ever. The name and the design are an upgrade, of course, compared to the Xbox One predecessor. The console was first announced at E3 2019, but it was known as “Project Scarlet”, which was pretty vague. Now, we all saw this upcoming joy ride in all its glory, with its powerful specifications.

Sony PlayStation 5 Concept

PlayStation 5 release date is pinpointed for Q4 2020, as Sony aims for a Holiday launch and unveils more details about the hardware itself. As most of us assume, it’s the 2020’s Christmas time that they refer to with Q4 holiday release. The new features revealed earlier include Haptic Feedback and adaptive triggers. Also, things like USB C Charging and a high-capacity battery are thrown in as the next-gen controller will come a bit heavier than its predecessor.

So, it looks like that power alone is not what these two are competing about, and there are also features to factor in, and, of course, the fact that less than 50% of popular games today are supported on both platforms. Online reports also quote other specifics, like Sony’s AMD Zen 2-core processor, with 36 custom Navi graphics (2000 MHz clocked), and, the rough delivery of the mentioned 9.2 teraflops by the GPU.

Xbox Series X baby will pack a more powerful 56 Navi GPU (1700 MHz clocked), with GDDR6 memory (560GB/s), and eight Zen 2 cores. If these leaked specs are to be trusted, it will achieve 12.2 teraflops. This will be a serious upgrade for Microsoft, since Xbox One X capped at 6 teraflops, so the power upgrade is unimaginable. Whatever the case, both consoles are going to be pretty powerful and, again, it is simply a question of taste and game preference.