Pocket City

If you are into simulation games such as Sims, imagine how it would be for it to have a crossover with Civilization or even Caesar. Bringing strategy, development, and simulation genres to your mobile device and all in one package, Pocket City is just the perfect game to update this old-school style combination.

Developed by Bobby Li and with no online multiplayer playability, Pocket City is there to satisfy that distinct need everybody has. That urge everyone felt at least once in our lives, and that is to be the absolute, omnipotent, all-powerful ruler of our city.

How many times have you heard somebody criticize the way streets or districts are organized in your city? How many times have you said to somebody with absolute certainty that you know how we could all have a better infrastructure, a better city plan, and an all-around better environment to live in.

Now you can actually test that theory with this game offering you the chance of building a city of your own from scratch and to control every part of it, down to every small detail.

The Gameplay

With an easy swipe of your thumb, you can decide the direction and length of your streets, and place residential, industrial, or commercial districts where you see fit. Naturally, everything you build costs money, but the bigger your city is the more money you will make. You start only with a Town Hall and you go from there, as you dip into your starting capital.

But, the appeal Pocket City offers does not lie solely in building a city. As mentioned, it is incredible how detailed the game is, as you must decide on the placement of every detail, like power stations or water towers. In fact, roads, power stations, and water towers are your bread and butter, as they will probably be your most used building options. Roads and powerhouses are a logical choice, but water towers importance will become clearer only after your town grows a bit larger and you have your first fire.

Catastrophes, accidents, and random acts of nature’s wrath will befall you at unexpected moments, as you cannot do anything else but try to be prepared as best you can. For instance, a hurricane might just happen to go straight through your city. As it goes through, it leaves nothing behind and all the square fields it passes are reverted back to nothing but dirt. Now, you may begin to understand the troubles and frustrations this game might put you up against.

Just like in Sim City, your city zones are Industrial, Commercial and Residential. In all fairness, those are the three basic types in every city on our own planet, so you can’t really blame them for doing the same thing. The game doesn’t borrow much from similar titles, just the necessary stuff to make it a genuine simulation.

The initial building progress will help you learn you the basics, as this game’s mechanics are really quite easy, so it is accessible to a pretty wide audience. However, it is when your community grows into a city where things tend to get pretty hectic. Once you face the problems of running a fully sized metropolis, you might start reconsidering all those bold statements you usually make about how you could certainly improve things if you were in a position of power.


Pocket City is not a free game. It costs $4.99, but there are no further purchases you need to make in-game. In fact, it is a bargain considering the cost and the fact that this game can potentially bring you days or even months of fun, as the nature of the seamless gameplay is endless. It does feature an in-game currency, naturally, but your funds increase as your city grows, and the focus of Pocket City is more on planning, organizing, and controlling, rather than grinding money. This sim game will bring you loads of fun if you are into that sort of genre, so dig in!

Pocket City



This sim game will bring you loads of fun if you are into that sort of genre, so dig in!

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