Pokemon Masters

Pokémon Masters scheduled for release this summer on mobiles

Pokémon Masters mobile game exciting details were just unveiled as this new adventure is arriving on mobile phones in the summer of 2019. This upcoming release has been announced by DeNa in correlation with the Pokémon Company as a strategy and battle mobile game, but with features, we’ve never seen before. The two companies promise that this innovative ploy will be available for both Android and iOS and that it will shine a new light on the franchise.

Pokémon Masters release date set for summer 2019!

According to the press release which arrived on June 27th, 2019, this upcoming game will bring an entirely new adventure where players will form a team of 3 trainers and battle in a real-time 3v3 PvP co-op multiplayer battle. This means that you will be able to participate in a PvP match with your two friends, manage, and train your Mons and take the fight together. This does take the already adored Trainer-Pokémon bond to the next level.

Also, we are promised a new location called the island of Pasio. This is where Trainers will be meeting for the new content, gathering, and matchmaking. From what we know currently, the rules of battles will also be different than before. The bond between the trainer and the Pokémon is now more of a partnership, where the two function as a duo. The matchmaking system then syncs the pair with the player in a battle where all players from all regions can participate globally.

Players will be able to play along with such pairs as Brendan & Treecko, Korrina & Lucario, Clair & Kingra, and other well-known franchise names. The players will form a team of 3 sync pairs and battle in the Pokémon Masters League to become the champion. The very nature of team building is sure to make for some new and unexpected plays, and the fact that it’s a 3 player co-op is just crazy!

3 vs 3 real-time battles with these kinds of teams in a strategic environment is a new and innovative type of feature for mobile games in general. The rest, as understood, is the usual stuff. All squad members have their own abilities, some passive and some active, with different utilization. The players will also have to deal with gauge and timing, as they won’t just be able to spam all their abilities as many will have cooldowns. The CEO of DeNA, Isao Moriyasu, had this to say at the unveiling:

“The Pokémon brand has captured the imagination of the world, and we are honored to create the newest Pokémon adventure for mobile devices with Pokémon Masters. We look forward to sharing new ways to battle when the game releases. For years, fans have created enduring memories engaging with their favorite Pokémon characters throughout the Pokémon video game series. With DeNA’s development expertise, we’re excited to bring together past and present Trainers and their partner Pokémon in a unique gaming experience that will delight fans around the world.”