Pokemon Masters Launches

Pokémon Masters is out!

Pokémon Masters is the latest jewel of the worldwide series, or better said phenomenon. The eponymous company, together with DeNA, has just released the title globally for all Android and iOS users. The title itself was announced some time ago, along with the celebration of collaboration between DeNA and The Pokémon Company, and they’ve initially got the project pinned as a ‘before 2020’ release. And, well, they are true to their word.

Pokemon Masters 1

The pre-registration period and pre-order all revealed this early release date along with some additional insight into the upcoming project. Pokémon Masters mobile game already achieved positive reviews on both stores. On Google Play, the Android version already has almost 20K votes and a 4.0-star score. On the iTunes App Store, its iOS version has a high 4.6-star score from almost 18k ratings and it is #1 in Role Playing!

Pokemon Masters Gameplay

This title revolves around 3v3 tournament battles that are held at the Pokémon Masters League, on Pasio. The player’s goal is to aim to become the champion by defeating all other Trainers with their Dream Team. What this game offers is a chance to partner up with three other trainers and, together with their teams, conquer the game.

Pokemon Masters 2

Co-Op, new moves, all new content, and a new competition is just a tip of the iceberg as Pokémon Masters comes with its functionality adapted to all modern devices, for both Android and iOS. And, it is free to play, with in-app purchases of course. The new adventure awaits all Pokémon fans!