Poopdie A Dungeon Crawler with Poop

Poopdie – A Dungeon Crawler with Poop

It’s tough out there. With so many games, developers have to think of something original and unique enough to attract the gamers attention. Hence, Poopdie game for iOS and Android by notorious video streamer PewDiePie although to be honest, he made for the hell of it but the weirdness of the theme itself gained a lot of attention.

PewDiePie is a pseudonym of Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg an undisputable YouTube celebrity who you either love or hate. He has more than 60 million subscribers and earned millions over the years with his Howard Stern like performances, but with a nicer personality. Basically, if you didn’t hear about PewDiePie before, you either lived under a rock or don’t belong to this new YouTube generation. So, when a celebrity like him has a video game in the oven and one so weird as Poopdie, it peeks our attention.

Poopdie is developed by Bulbware, a studio most of you know by their 2015 point and click game Bulb Boy. In Poopdie, the story revolves around poop, which you probably guessed from the name. The main character is a worm named Poopdie who lives in the Kingdom of Grounds where everyone forgets how to poop and fart except him. This turned the populace of Kingdom angry and hostile because they couldn’t release the tension. So, it’s up to little worm Poopdie to show everyone how to poop again and save the Kingdom. To do so, Poopdie will go on quests and fight his enemies who are pretty determined to kill him.

Poopdie Game

Now, when it comes to gameplay, you are not attacking the enemies personally but sending your poop to do it. Before every attack, you need to eat enough ingredients that will help you produce poop and defend yourself. The controls are not complicated at all. Just tap on an enemy you want to attack with your poop and the onslaught will begin. It will last until the enemy is dead or you are out of poop. In case of multiple poop units, you can just repeatedly tap on the enemy to send them off. And you can do that until you have no poop to send.

As you are used to in the games already, as you progress you will unlock different types of poop. Each will have certain hit points and strength so you can deal with enemies coming your way. Of course, as you level up, so will the enemies, so using different types of poop is recommended. You start off with the typical brown poop which garners a cute smile and is fierce enough to get you to the next level.

Now, Poopdie is a game intended to be fun and casual, so don’t expect drama and depth. As a mobile game, it works perfectly despite the unusual characters and story. I mean, it’s not every day you get to play a game which would be disgusting if it weren’t so cutely drawn.

When you are not combating your opponents, you can choose quests, talk to other citizens of the Kingdom and spend Poop Coins which you earn after a killing spree. The game may be different but it’s a standard RPG, to be honest, so unless you are bothered by the characters, you will have fun playing it.

Poopdie is a dungeon crawler RPG styled game with a lot of humor, mostly regarding poop. This may not be to everyone’s taste but it’s far from vulgar and despicable. The game will be free-to-play once it comes out by the end of this year and once you play it, do tell us what you think about it in the comments below. We believe it will be a head turner whether you love it or hate it.