Marvel Strike Force 3.5 Update

Prepare Commanders, your experience is needed once again!

On September 19th, 2019, FoxNext released long-awaited MSF 3.5 Update. This major update should renew and prolong the life of the game which started to lose player database quickly in the last few months. After the announcement that Disney is about to sell FoxNext, 3.5 Update come as relaxing news for all MSF fans who were frightened about the future of the game.

Obviously, the best way to keep players occupied is to increase the level cap. Reaching level 75 will take a month or more for an average player, so this should buy time for FoxNext to think about other major improvements needed to bring back players’ interest. The second big change in this new update is the introduction of Alliance War Leagues. It is a great idea if you ask me, especially if the rankings will award Alliances with interesting rewards that will help players in unique ways.

From now on, Characters can be upgraded to Gear Tier 14. Unique Materials for Tier 14 are extremely expensive. 7200 War Credits for one material piece means that you will have to collect materials for months in order to upgrade just one character to gear Tier 14. This shouldn’t discourage you since when Gear Tier 13 was introduced a lot of players thought that they will never gear any character to Tier 13 and now half of the player database have Ultron in their rosters meaning that they upgraded at least 6 characters to Tier 13 until now. You should look at this as another farming goal that will be reached sooner or later. Of course, you will have to decide which characters should be upgraded to Tier 14 and to start farming gear immediately.

As with all updates until now, this update also introduces new Heroes in MSF Roster and furthermore, it improves some characters that were useless before. New Heroes are Graviton, Agent Coulson and Invisible Woman, while Scientist  Supreme, Wolverine, and A.I.M Minions are greatly improved. This improvement of A.I.M. minions and Scientist Supreme is not as significant as the improvement of Kree minions and Ronan but now A.I.M team could be dangerous at least. Wolverine’s special ability is now buffed and it can be even better if the rest of X-Men (Phoenix, Psylocke, Cyclops) are in a team with him.

Marvel Strike Force Graviton Featured

Graviton is an A.I.M Controller who is especially effective with A.I.M. team during the Alliance War. His skill-set is nothing out of ordinary but his passive ability in War enables him to apply Disrupted to any target whose Health drops below 75% which is an amazing feat. Besides that, he can slow primary and adjacent targets inflicting medium damage at the same time and he can stun a single target causing damage depending on the number of negative effects that target has. Graviton is a nice addition to the A.I.M. team along with Scientist Supreme and from now on this team actually has some value in the game.

Agent Coulson was announced in the first half of this year but we had to wait until now to actually see him. Rumors on the internet predicted that Coulson will be a Top Tier Hero with incredible skills but in the end, he is not that good, although he has some unmatched qualities when we talk about War Defense. I am not saying that Agent Coulson is not good I am just saying that he is not as good as predicted. His ultimate attacks all enemies for a medium amount of damage, apply Taunt and Defense Down on the Enemy with highest damage and calls up to 2 allies to attack the primary target. In War Defense, his ultimate is much stronger since it also clears positive effects from the Enemy with the most damage. His special ability inflicts average damage against all enemies, and while in War Defense, it clears positive effects from all enemies, applies Slow on all Tech targets, and steal and flip up to 4 positive effects from the primary target. Normally, Passive ability grants him the help of S.H.I.E.L.D. Medic whenever his Health drops below 50% but in War Defense, it improves Health and Resistance for him and all S.H.I.E.L.D allies and most importantly, grants Immunity to all S.H.I.E.L.D allies at the start of combat. This practically means that  S.H.I.E.L.D team will not be vulnerable to the Brotherhood of Mutants in the Alliance War anymore. It is still a theory-craft but honestly, I can’t think of any team that will be able to prevail against S.H.I.E.L.D team with Agent Coulson in Alliance War Defense. In other segments of the game, Coulson is not that strong and that is the reason why I don’t think he deserves to be a Top Tier Hero.

Marvel Strike Force Invisible Woman Featured

Invisible Woman has been expected for a while after the introduction of Namor, The Thing, Human Torch and Mister Fantastic. We all knew that she is a legendary character of the Fantastic Four team, but honestly, I didn’t expect that she will bring balance-change in the game and I thought that X-Men team will rule the Arena for a long time. Invisible Woman definitely deserves a legendary status since she is versatile (can be used with success with many Heroes, not just Fantastic Four characters) and she counters Phoenix’s initial Stealth. She grants Stealth and Defense Up to all allies except the highest Health ally who is granted with 3 Deflects and Immunity for 2 turns instead of Stealth. Her ultimate applies Offense Down for 2 turns on all enemies and shields all allies with barrier equal to 40% of Invisible Woman Health. Keep in mind that Invisible Woman is protector meaning that her barrier will add up to 50000 more Health to all allies. When we consider the fact that the Invisible Woman will freely attack anyone who attacks her ally with barrier we come to the conclusion that her skill-set is totally overpowered. In theory, a team made of Ultron, Invisible Woman, Mister Fantastic, The Thing and Human Torch should be able to oppose any other combination in the Arena while in Alliance War Namor could replace Ultron for a new sure-to-win AW team.

In the coming days, we should expect more surprises from FoxNext. If you carefully look at Loading Screen you will be able to notice Beast and Hela, and they are likely to be introduced in the game soon. Beast should be X-Men mutant according to comics while Hela is Asgardian Villain. I certainly hope that FoxNext will continue to implement new and interesting things in the game because I simply love this game and I wouldn’t like to witness the end of this great game anytime soon.

Until then, good luck Commanders and may the RNG be with you!