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If you are a passionate gamer, author, content creator, YouTuber, streamer, or just a talented casual, give us a call! You may end up being part of us, a bunch of no-lifers who live the games or game the life… However you put it, it revolves around gaming. If you are a dedicated gamer and want to help the gaming community, we are the place.

Who we look for to join our team?

  • High(er) ranking players with deep knowledge and understanding of the games.
  • You will need entry-level writing skills (or higher).

What do we provide to our team members?

  • All credits as an original author.
  • Financial support. Direct payments and media channels monetization boost through content promotion.
  • Exposure to a big audience, growth of all member’s channels.

Apply for membership.

Send us your info at the [email protected]

Information we need from you:

  • First and last name and author name.
  • Links to your channels (YouTube, Twitch, Discord, etc).
  • Game(s) you play.
  • Time spent playing the game(s).
  • Screenshots of your character(s) rank.

see you in the lobby!