Project War Mobile

Project War Mobile just got released for Android

Project War Mobile is a fresh team role-playing online shooter game, which is reminiscent of perhaps old school shooters of the ‘00s, but with modern features. The game capitalizes on the online competitive experience it offers, but also on the versatility in terms of gameplay approach itself – it actually offers both first and third-person view. It is a fresh release and currently only there for Android.

It is offered by Goblin Gamer Company Ltd. and on Google Play, Project War Mobile Android so far isn’t showing much success on feedback. The game has around 1,2k votes currently and only a 2.6-star average, which is a little below the mid range but still not horrendous. Most of the complaints from the users who left a review are targeting the game’s appearance, which actually might not be fair since shooters on mobile devices should target for performance, not appearance. And, looking at the game itself, it doesn’t feel like it has that bad graphics or models, just toned down to secure smooth performance.

On the plus side, the game offers many opportunities for character progression, which is rare for any FPS titles really, and it even has a well-established story, with its main protagonists being Yuri, Alisa, Sam, and Lara – all spec ops trained combatants. The story starts in 2018, with biotech experiments going out of hand. We, the people, have embraced genetic manipulation and testing is well underway, even working on the genetic design of babies in utero.

However, the game’s story jumps to 2036, where a similar genetic experiment has gone terribly wrong and it created a cell degradation virus, which rapidly began spreading. This is where the setting for the game is created, as the affected humans are turned into bloodthirsty zombies. That’s when our characters come into play as we are to combat the plague.

Project War Mobile iOS version is also announced, but without much details. This game is a passion project of two groups of gamers, one stationed in Hong Kong, the programming team, and the other in USA, the graphics team. The developers are registered as Goblin Gamer company, but this title was actually made and self-funded by passionate gamers in 2017. As a story-driven team RPG shooter, this game might be more than meets the eye, at first glance.