PS5 will feature 8K and ray tracing


Sony’s PS5 is officially on its way and it will be backward compatible, feature 8K resolution, and even ray-tracing tech. Now, there was some talk about if Ray-tracing is even possible, but Sony reassures us it is coming. If true, it will make gamers everywhere seriously consider going for Sony’s PS5 as soon as its out.

Likely coming out in 2020

Unfortunately, eager gamers will have to wait for another full year for this to happen. Sony is taking their promises seriously and it is apparent then may need time to perfect the tech they are planning to include. 8K is slowly coming on other devices, but as of yet, no one was able to successfully implement ray-tracing.

Ray-tracing is a dream we all have for decades now. It is the tech which enables much better rendering of shadows and lighting effects. Particularly, it enables the engine to trace the light rays through each shot of each scene or screen as they bounce off every surface and object present. Thus, the engine would calculate the precise movement of light and make the visuals incredibly advanced, realistic, and impressive. NVIDIA RTX 20 series promised to implement this but the real-time pressure proved too much. Sony seems to be determined to succeed where everyone else failed.

play station 5

Onwards and backwards

Sony seems determined to stay competitive on the market and not let Microsoft or anyone push them out. They are an old school Japanese technology developer and they know that no matter how much other competitors work on their marketing, it is the superior tech that wins in the end. For this reason, they joined forces with AMD long ago, and according to Mark Cerny, the lead architect for the upcoming console, they constantly expand their cooperation.
Cerny said in interviews that PS5 is now four years in the making, under unofficial project names and covert efforts. This next generation console, as he states, aims to capitalize on the best chipset available at the time of its release, which is why they are expanding their friendship with AMD.

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One console to rule them all

Sony’s PS5 will be backward compatible, meaning it will run all old Sony games, software, and hardware, and also support 8k resolution. It will be compatible with PlayStation VR kids and also include all future developments. In short, they plan to make an ultimate next-gen console that will keep Sony on the market.