Thursday, November 22

PUBG is Coming to PS4 Soon


Since Eurogamer noticed that Korean Gaming Rating Board rated PlayStation 4 release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), the gaming community is excited this game won’t be exclusive Xbox One title anymore.

At the beginning of this year, PUBG was released for Android and iOS devices and it already has tournaments and championships going on. And with a stellar review of the games Battle Royale nature, the Xbox One version will only bring more players and increase revenue for developer and publisher. All-time peak for concurrent playing was more than 3 million people, which makes PUBG as popular as other Battle Royale games like Fortnite and Battlefield V.

PUBG was first launched for PC in 2017, but after it showed potential Microsoft decided to publish it as a console exclusive later that same year. Based on stats, the game sold in over 50 million copies since July 2018 and it’s about time that PlayStation 4 owners get their shot with this title. However, there is still no announcements on what features and maps will PS4 release include.

As many of you know, PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royale game with loyal fandom and distinguished place in the modern popular culture. This is a PvP game where a hundred players at the time enter Arena to fight in the last man standing deathmatch. You can also play the game as part of a 4-player team instead of solo, and in that case, the last team standing is the winner.

When asked during Gamescom in 2017 about PlayStation 4 version, Brendan Green, a creative director of Bluehole and PUBG creator expressed his doubts. “This is just, as I keep saying, our team size is just so limited at the moment. We can only focus on PC and Xbox. We just don’t have the time, and Xbox has the Preview Program, which allows us to – like Early Access – develop the game with the players. That’s where our focus is right now, and we just want to make the best version of the game for both of those platforms.”

Since then, enough time has passed and with mobile versions of the game already breaking records, the last thing to do is give people PlayStation 4 version finally. Fix PUBG Campaign that has been going on for a while and was initiated by the developer to fix issues in the game is still active and certainly will help developers to create a stable PS4 version.

Korean Media Ratings Board already had the similar experience with leaked announcements. Just this year, the leak announced Fortnite for Nintendo Switch before it was officially presented at E3 2018. One thing is for sure when PlayStation 4 version of PUBG comes out, it will make this game even more popular which will create serious competition among the Battle Royale games currently available.