Pubg 0.14.0 update

PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 Update is here and it brings some interesting new things

PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 update is now live and it brought several things players have been eagerly awaiting, including the New Character System. There is also an addition of the Infection Mode and Map, where the players can now become zombies. Also, a newly released global Treasures of the Seven Seas hunt has begun and there are a lot more improvements, additions, and fixes done to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds mobile, so dive in!

This PUBG mobile update is 3GB strong for iOS because it contains improved visuals as well as the mentioned new content. The new Infection mode puts the players in a PVP asymmetric mode where you can either play as a zombie or a defender. Defenders use firearms while zombies attack only in melee. However, if a defender is killed by a zombie, it will turn into a zombie. Once every defender is down, zombies win. However, there is a timer running and if at least one of the defenders is alive when the time is up, it’s a win for the defenders!

Victor is now free in the new characters system and he awaits at the workshop. The season’s pirate theme – Treasures of the Seven Seas – allows the players to hunt treasures during normal matches and there is also a global treasure search, which is divided into stages. Coming in the middle of summer 2019, this is quite a significant update for PUBG mobile. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile 0.14.0 is officially live and the sooner you start with the treasure search the better.