PUBG Mobile 0.9.5 Update

PUBG Mobile 0.9.5 Patch is Here

We’ve seen announcements about this patch throughout social media previously, and now let’s take a peek at what awaits players with this installment that just came out.

The “main deal” is obviously the Royal Pass Season 4. First off, let’s mention Mission Cards that provide players with an option to complete daily and weekly missions and thus increase their rank by gaining points. There are also rewards in the form of crates and in-game currency for completing a certain number of missions.

Black Friday event is added also, where you can buy discounted wares even cheaper for 3 days. The Redemption Feature has been tweaked, so now Elite Pass holders can buy discounted items with BP or RP points.

Also, keep in mind that without this update, you will not be able to access new Weapons and Gear.

Another interesting addition is the dynamic weathering on Sanhok map, which will now randomly change the weather on the map. Also, a Hardcore Mode was added which removes footsteps and some other sounds in order to resemble the PC experience. This will be accessible from time to time in the form of Hardcore Week.

In terms of cosmetics, the new patch includes more weapon finishes, skins, outfits and even new faces and hairstyles.

The new weapon is the M762 automatic rifle with 3 firing modes. It is available on every map. As for vehicles, you’ll now be able to drive a Scooter on Sanhok. it can take a maximum of 2 players.

Other changes include tweaks where Matchmaking and Chat now support not choosing a second language. Chat is also optimized to in order to save RAM memory while keeping more messages.