PUBG Anniversary

PUBG Mobile celebrates the first anniversary

March 19th, 2018 was the date when PUBG Mobile was launched. In order to celebrate the first anniversary of that occasion, Tencent games and PUBG Corp decided to give the game a new version which adds some very pleasant surprises for the players. this game has reached some very significant numeric values, among them being more than 30 million daily active users and more than 200 million downloads. Also, PUBG currently leads in terms of the number of active monthly users.

The latest version of PUBG is the tenth since the game launched, and includes a whole slew of improvements in various aspects, including maps, weapons, and vehicles. There is even an option for players to hold birthday parties with fireworks in order to celebrate the one year anniversary. As another way of celebration, there are cakes that are randomly spawned within a match with some surprise contained within.

The other features that will be enhanced are Royale Pass, which will allow players to view pass rankings of entire regions and friends. it will also allow them to earn more points for weekly challenges just with one tap. There will be changes in subscription models, with Prime and Prime Plus packages being included. These packages contain Royale Pass points, steep crate discounts, and more beneficial content. This version of PUBG contains one new weapon and one new vehicle. The weapon is Vikendi-exclusive G36C rifle blasting 5.56mm rounds, and it can be equipped with stocks. A new vehicle is the Tukshai, a three-wheeled bus and it’s exclusive for the Sanhok desert map.

The previous year was very successful for PUBG. A lot of players gathered around, drawn by great gameplay and features, and the game itself made some really interesting partnerships with Resident Evil 2 and Mission Impossible. This new version is just further proof that PUBG Corp still values the gameplay experience and take the time to provide a good service to the players. which is something they have to do if they want to stay relevant to the competition.