Yeah, I might have misspoken when I announced this patch – it came even earlier than I expected! PUBG Mobile version 0.5.0 is live right now, and everything that I said will come, happened, and more. Oh, boy, this update is large. Tencent is really putting in work; this mobile version of the insanely popular PC game is growing larger from month to month with great speed. I would like to remind you that we also got an official emulator made by Tencent, called Tencent Gaming Buddy.  You can play with others who are emulating this game now at any time with proper support.

Anyway, ver 0.5.0 gave us what everyone expected – the desert map of Miramar. It got added to the PC version about a month back, and we are already seeing it in the mobile version, which is amazing. This desert battlefield brings us lots of new stuff, and I am not talking about new weapons. The dynamic is quite different from the original map, Erangel. While they are roughly the same size, Miramar offers different game flow through its slums, canyon, river and the desolated villages with their bridges reduced to ruin. You have to adapt and be ready to hide behind a single rock because there is no vegetation like we had in Erangel. There are seven cities in this map, eight small towns and two major landmarks in the form of a Prison and Hacienda del Patron. There are 8 vehicles in the map including a buggy, motorcycle with and without the sidecar, a van (up to 6 people can fit in), a pickup and the water vehicles in the form of aquarail (2 people) and PG-117 (up to 5 people). When it comes to weapons, it features all the way up to 33 weapons! These are too numerous to list here, but you get the idea – there is a literal ton of content in this new map. As you can see, the map is vast, extending around 8×8 kilometers.

And Miramar is not all that came with this amazing update. We got the start of the new season (season 2 now), which makes sense considering how large this patch is. We got the Progress Mission feature, Secret Stash, Local Quick Teams and Region System! Let’s go over these features. New Progress Mission lets you get rewards as you progress through the levels and you keep getting new missions. There is a weekly event called Activity Mission, where you earn rewards based on your activity in the game. So, the hardcore people will be properly rewarded.

The Quick Teams feature is great, as you can just enter a six-digit code that the game gives you and play with the people that are right next to you. This extends to the Region System, which means that you can now choose a region and a flag and you can match with people from your region easier. The Language-specific chat channels have been added where you can have a chat based on the language of your choosing.

More avatars have hit with this patch, too. Each tier reached in the new Season 2 now gives you rewards. You also got a shop where you can purchase outfits and items and you can also check them out before purchasing via the preview option. The Secret Stash lets you buy items which are on a special, discounted price.

So, yeah, this update is huge. Tencent continues to impress. If you like this update as much as I do, you can check our video about the new patch on the Blue Moon Game channel on YouTube. See you in Miramar!