Pubg Mobile New Gameplay Management

PUBG Mobile is implementing a new “Gameplay Management” System Worldwide

Breaking News: PUBG Mobile is encouraging responsibility in players. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have just introduced a new totally new “gameplay management system” after the recent PUBG bans and it focuses on players under 18 years of age. It is released worldwide and it is designed to promote responsibility in the entire player community and team play.

PUBG Corporation and Tencent have unveiled this new “Gameplay Management” system just recently and it is to be the answer to the problems PUBG encountered in the recent months and years. It targets underage players and is designed to help manage the age curb. Furthermore, it helps manage playing sessions. Parents and many players have been unanimously complaining about the length of gaming sessions, not just for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds but all games, ever.

This PUBG “Gameplay System” is here to help manage a balanced and sustainable experience of the game with a reasonable amount of time invested. Now, players will have to confirm their age before getting the game going. If under 18, players will have to go through a special advisory content and acknowledge the read rules as understood. Also, while playing, underage players will get system messages after prolonged periods of play.

Now, this system is not entirely new, for similar messages were implemented in the Monster Hunter franchise, but since PUBG is an enormously popular game, it was all the more crucial that the developing and publishing companies take this step seriously. Also, other companies behind big game titles are expected to follow in the same footsteps. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds free game is said to have over 400 million players worldwide across all platforms.