And that’s outside of China, too! Let that sink in – there are 10 million active daily users that play this game not counting China. Why is this so impressive, you ask? Because of two things – for one, China brings so many players that it’s ridiculous. Take Arena of Valor for example – there are 200+ million players in the Asian market alone (80+ million of those are active daily users) and most of that comes from China itself. So, the point is – the Chinese and Asian market, in general, is huge (there are almost 1.4 billion people living in China if you were wondering). The other reason for this being a huge achievement is that PUBG Mobile has been out for what, two months?

Tencent has had people under a whip if I may say so because these developers are working like crazy. We have just gotten the beta 0.5.0 version, which gave us a literal ton of content, including the Miramar map that has been added to the PC version just a month or so before. Considering that the PC version has been out for so long, this is simply astonishing. It’s like Tencent has several teams working on the game non-stop. The devs behind the mobile version have also released an infographic that shows some stats, as seen below:

While this doesn’t mean much, it’s an interesting little window of info, I chuckled seeing the ‘Average kill distance’ especially. With this team working around the clock, no doubt that we will be getting regular updates that will make the game better and better. I am really interested to see what they will be doing with the maps though, as I doubt they will make new maps anytime soon. These huge maps (8×8 km) take many months to make, as each of them is kind of an open word game for itself. Oh yeah, I forgot to add that I really like how the game looks now. The polish is real as opposed to when the game first popped up. The Game Preview released on XboxOne didn’t even look as good as the iOS version does, honestly, which is ridiculous, I know, but it is what it is.

With Season 2 going strong for the last few days, now is a good time to hop on the hype train and join the Miramar war. Let the last man standing eat that chicken!