PUBG Mobile 0.13 Update

New Update for PUBG Mobile brings Team Deathmatch and much more

According to the newest PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds press release, we are getting PUBG Mobile 4v4 Team Deathmatch mode and other features. PUBG Mobile is now officially downloaded for 400 Million times and counting, with Daily User count reaching over 50 Million. This is a new record not outside of China, and now the game ties the knot with co-op 4v4 multiplayer play.

PUBG MOBILE just got 400+ Million downloads with 50 Million users active on a daily basis!

As announced before, 4v4 PUBG mobile Deathmatch mode is now available for all the fans of the game to enjoy. So, you can play together with three of your friends against another team of four, and all that on your mobile phones. Tencent Games proudly released the news on June 12, as a part of a massive update for PUBG Mobile.

This new deathmatch co-op mode engages the players to play more as a team, as opposed to the standard PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds flavor which is more free for all, even with team play in the Battle Royale setting. Here, the co-operation between players is much more personal and also more demanding. This 4v4 Team Deathmatch PUBG Mobile mode will require each and every one of the teams’ members to have good communication, think fast, and work together with others in order to achieve victory. In short, this will raise the competitive level of the game by a huge margin.

PUBG Corporation and Tencent Games have been at this together and they have celebrated the surpassed daily user 50 million count together, as well as having over 400 million downloads. Those are 50 million users outside of China, which is even more of an achievement for them, given the fact that PUBG mobile was developed in part with the hopes of expanding its reach to other markets.

The new PUBG update brings some more features:

  • Control Settings Upgrade – TPP and FPP are now uniquely set up to provide a more customizable on-screen control setup, with new buttons for climbing and vaulting
  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters Theme – this is a part of the well-known connection between PUBG and Godzilla, and Godzilla is such a big part of the Eastern culture as well. The new movie is in theatres currently and now the Godzilla theme is decorating the PUBG lobby background.
  • Vikendi Footprints – a new feature on the Vikendi map where players can track enemies via their footprints
  • Anti-Cheat System – third-party software hacks prevention system has also been upgraded with an improved report feature
  • New Achievements
  • New Social Features