PUBG Mobile x The Walking Dead Event

PUBG Mobile x The Walking Dead Crossover is now live

PUBG Mobile x The Walking Dead Crossover is now live and brings tons of new stuff, including but not limited to Character Skins, Vehicles, Weapons, and much more. The players will, as a showcasing feature, now be able to choose iconic skins from the characters of this popular TV show, like Negan, Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Michonne, and others. Like it is the case with similar crossovers in other popular online games, Fortnite for instance, this will be a limited-time event.

PUBG Mobile x The Walking Dead Event

PUBG Mobile crossover with The Walking Dead AMC TV show will bring the mentioned items as a limited edition in-game feature. The event has just begun, but it is promised to last until early 2020! This last bit is much different from for instance Fortnite crossover events when they featured Characters like The Avengers or John Wick, for just a single week. The list of character skins confirmed thus far is as follows:

  • Daryl Dixon
  • Rick Grimes
  • Michonne
  • Negan

Also, Negan’s iconic bat, Daryl’s motorcycle, and Michonne’s katana come with their respective skins, so fans of the TV show may rest assured. These character skins, as well as other items, are obtained via challenges or in-app purchases.

PUBG Mobile - Daryl Dixon's Motorcycle

The Walking Dead Season 10 premiers on October 6!

The Walking Dead, AMC’s prized jewel, is now in its tenth’s season and its premiere is set to air on October 6th. PUBG Mobile joined in on the celebration with an announcement on their Twitter, saying:

“The Walking Dead is here! Play as some of your favourite characters, wield their iconic weapons, and utilise their skills to stay alive in the battlefields of Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, and Vikendi. Explore new events, earn rewards, and know that survival brings us together!”

PUBG Mobile also made Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Resident Evil 2 crossovers earlier this year. As for Season 10 of The Walking Dead, the events continue right where they left off, with the communities still being engulfed in the aftereffect of the Alpha’s display of power. They are, however, now organized even better in a militia-style force which is already preparing for the unavoidable battle ahead…