PUBG Mobile’s replacement, Game for Peace, is performing great in China


Game for Peace, or better known as PUBG China’s PUBG Mobile replacement, went past a $14M sales mark, seventy-two hours after the launch!

Based on the findings Sensor Tower published after accounting for in-app purchases and all, the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) replacement in China destroyed the 72-hour record and became the highest earning game on the iTunes App Store in the first seventy-two hours after its release. It is no wonder Tencent Holdings Ltd is behind it, for they are usually the culprits behind every commercially successful ploy in China and the rest of the world.

The Sensor Tower, which is a United States analytics firm that focuses on Apps, confirmed it themselves just recently. According to their data, the iOS Game for Peace App Store gross surpassed $14M. This means that in the first 72 hours of the game’s launch, players not only played it but spent over $14M on in-app purchases.

Game for Peace release date in China was last week, and we stare in terror as this colossal commercial success just grows larger by the hour. The game is naturally free-to-play, which means its entire record $14M was made through in-app purchases and makes it even more stunning. Game for Peace is slowly being released in other parts of the world, so chances are you can try China’s patriotic PUBG version yourself.