PUBG – Basic Landing Guide

You can go up to 2 kilometers away from the place you drop out of the plane to the place where you land. There are a few tricks to accomplish this. First of all, you need to know when to drop out. Line the plane wings with the place you want to land. If you want to fly as far as you can from the jump point you need to open the parachute as soon as you jump. It will take a lot of time to get down there, but you’ll go further than anyone. The bad thing about this tactic is that anyone already on the ground can see you dropping so they’ll know your location. Another trick is to look up as much as you can to slow down your free fall and to fly towards your landing point. Now, to maximize the distance you can swing the parachute as soon as you open it. It works like a real swing, press forward to swing back as much as you can, and then release it. This should swing your character forward, so repeat the action and you’ll go further with every swing.

Maybe you don’t want to go far, you want to drop as fast as you can and as close as you can? Look right down to the ground and try to gain max drop speed as soon as you can. The trick is to be at the max falling speed (234 km/h) when you open up the parachute. That way the parachute gains more speed so you can land even faster. Another useful thing to know is that you can fall down spinning in one direction to land as close as you want without losing much of your speed.

Where should I drop? One may ask…

There is no precise guide or a place you should land too. But I can help you find a place to land by describing your way of play. Are you a looter who likes to collect peacefully, even if the loot is not the best? Maybe you are one of those guys that like the fast-paced games with a lot of excitement, and you don’t care about the outcome of the game as long as you are having fun? Or you might represent the middle, guys that loot at relatively safe spots with a good chance of meeting only a few players?

If you are a peaceful looter trying to survive as long as you can, avoid any bigger place on the map at any point of the game. Drop down to a lonely spot as far from the jump point as you can. Look for a house or two located at least a kilometer away from the drop and get your first loot there. Look around you while flying to make sure no one else is rushing for the same house you are going for, or at least that he won’t get there before you. If you see anyone going in before you, change the looting place immediately and run for the second closest looting spot. This will minimize the chance of the enemy having a weapon while you are running into him barehanded. Loot the first house and a bit more if you can. Then head to the further places that are not on the airplane path. Keep the low profile, and when you get the gear stop visiting any looting places and just keep your eyes on the circle. You will get the ammo you need from the slain foes. Another good thing is that you can focus on the air drops pretty quick.

If you are playing the game to make the most fun out of it, you are looking for trouble and fighting. You want to drop to those high loot/high chance of enemy encounters locations. Prime drop locations for you are the biggest complexes like Military Base, School, the Plant, etc… that are in the airplanes flight path. Not a lot of intelligence is involved in this play style, it all comes down to reflexes and some rng. You will more often than not find yourself in the same room with the enemy or a few of them at the same time. Who gets to the weapon first wins, make sure it is you.

The third kind of player is a hybrid. He is the one who will look for the furthest point to drop, get the vehicle and drive all the way to the lonely settlement. This is what the most experienced players do, they are looting places no one will get to for at least a few minutes. Keeping themselves out of combat at all times to appear at the last moments without encountering anyone is the safest and the most boring way to play the game. Still, if you are looking for a safe way to win this is the one. I’ve seen people killing only the last player standing beside them and winning the game. Basically, it’s the Mourinho tactics. It might look ugly, but it’s winning games. You need to find the vehicle as fast as you can to make it work.


Military Base (solo, team)

This is the prime looting location in PUBG, you will find the best loot in the game here in abundance. There is only one problem with this info: most players want this loot and they know all about the base. There is enough loot for the whole team here, feel free to visit it but watch out for other players.

Mansion (solo, team)

There are three buildings with the top loot in the mansion area, enough for the whole team. There are three buildings nearby with lesser items, but it’s safer to land there in case a lot of people are going for the top three buildings.

Mylta Power Plant (solo, team)

There is a bit less loot here than the Mansion but enough to get most of the team equipped solid. The downside to this place is that you’ll need to find a vehicle to get to the circle. No need to hurry, there is plenty of time until you get to the circle thou.

Georgopol (solo,team)

The docks are filled with good loot, but a lot of teams will rush here knowing that they can equip themselves with excellent loot early on. Plus there is enough loot here for a few teams, and everyone knows this. If you are going solo it’s actually much easier to loot here, because the location is huge and there is a good chance you won’t encounter anyone.

Prison (solo, team)

Another great looting location, the whole team can get fully equipped but there is a high risk, like with most other prime loot locations. Try to land at the same building and move to the other only when you clear it.

Good Looting locations:

Zharki, Severny, Kameshki, Yasnaya Polyana, Rozhok, School, Pochinki, Mylta, Primorsk, Shelter are locations where the loot is not prime but there are tons of it. Literally, there is so much loot that the whole team will have the trouble packing everything up. Beware, if any of these locations are on the flight path you’ll have a lot of company. Also, Mylta and Kameshki both have a good loot but there won’t be enough for the whole team.

Important map elements:

-Small squares represent a 100 meter distance

-Large squares represent a 1 kilometer distance

-You can glide around 1.25 kilometers after the drop.