Miramar was released on the mobile phones in the 0.5.0 patch, which came out on 15.05.2018. The patch also added three new weapons, exclusive for Miramar – Win94, Sawed-off, and R45. One important feature added to a new patch is a kill camera. It will focus on the foe that slain you, and I recommend you to watch it carefully. You can learn from your mistakes.

When you take the first look at the Miramar you can notice immediately that it is much larger than the Erangel. There is a 8×8 kilometer grid, but the usable landmass is much larger. While the Erangel has around 36 km2, Miramar has around 50 km2!


The map has a much different setting than Erangel, is set in Central America (Mexico to be exact). The map is filled with sand and dirt, being much more unfriendly towards the players who like to hide in the plain sight. There are bushes here and there, but walking around is much more dangerous in general. Static players that prefer scopes (read: recons) will notice you much easier because the map lacks trees. I also noticed that the encounters are much rarer, maybe it has something to do with the map size, but it is not so hard to get to top 10 players with only one encounter during the entire round. This, of course, depends on your play style, but if you don’t like the crowded spaces this map is much better. Be careful when you move through the valley between the hills, you will be easy to spot and kill. The paradox about the map is that it is risky to move on foot, but you can’t control the vehicles easier to drive around the map. Moving around the map with vehicles is much harder now if you are not using roads because the terrain is filled with gaps, holes, and bumps. You get the feeling of gliding rather than driving. This might be more realistic, but it’s kind of annoying. Players that want more realistic feeling can buy a PC version and play, this is a mobile game and it should be all about the gameplay.

Since we already covered the Basic Landing Guide on the Erangel map, but let’s repeat the basics a bit for people who don’t like reading.

      1. You can go up to 2 kilometers away from the place you drop out of the plane to the place where you land.
      2. Line the plane wings with the place you want to land. If you want to fly as far as you can from the jump point you need to open the parachute as soon as you jump.
      3. Look up as much as you can to slow down your free fall and to fly towards your landing point.
      4. To maximize the distance you can swing the parachute as soon as you open it. It works like a real swing, press forward to swing back as much as you can, and then release it. This should swing your character forward, so repeat the action and you’ll go further with every swing.
      5. Look right down to the ground and try to gain max drop speed as soon as you can. The trick is to be at the max falling speed (234 km/h) when you open up the parachute. That way the parachute gains more speed so you can land even faster.


We also covered the “where should I drop?” We will cover the basics:

    1. If you are a peaceful looter trying to survive as long as you can, avoid any bigger place on the map at any point of the game. Drop down to a lonely spot as far from the jump point as you can. Look for a house or two located at least a kilometer away from the drop and get your first loot there. If you see anyone going in before you, change the looting place immediately and run for the second closest looting spot. Then head to the further places that are not on the airplane path. A good thing is that you can focus on the air drops pretty quick.
    2. If you are playing the game to make the most fun out of it, you are looking for trouble and fighting. You want to drop to those high loot/high chance of enemy encounters locations. Prime drop locations for you are the biggest complexes that are in the airplanes flight path. You will more often than not find yourself in the same room with the enemy or a few of them at the same time. Who gets to the weapon first wins, make sure it is you.
    3. The third kind of player is a hybrid. He is the one who will look for the furthest point to drop, get the vehicle and drive all the way to the lonely settlement. This is what the most experienced players do, they are looting places no one will get to for at least a few minutes. I’ve seen people killing only the last player standing beside them and winning the game. Basically, it’s the Mourinho tactics. It might look ugly, but it’s winning games. You need to find the vehicle as fast as you can to make it work.

Best looting locations in Miramar

Hacienda del patron

Prime looting location in Miramar. You can find the best equipment that doesn’t drop from crates right here. Level 3 gear is common. Now, most of the players know this, and since the Hacienda is in the middle of the map, it is usually in the plane’s flight path. Getting there early is quite the risk because you can’t be positive you’ll win a shootout with other people, or even know how many of them will rush down to the same spot. A much safer tactic is to rush there with a vehicle if the Hacienda is far from the flight path. Even then be on your guard, you won’t be the only one who got the idea.

Campo Militar

Just like the Military Base in the Erangel map, this secluded place far from the north of the map is filled with excellent loot. Since the area is large it might be too much to cover for one player, but it is perfect for squads and duos. Being far away from anything else in Pubg could be a blessing or a curse, depending a lot on the RNG. You might not be able to return to the circle in time if you don’t find a vehicle, but then again you probably won’t encounter a lot of enemies.


Even harder to get to than the Campo Militar. The Prison is located on the southwest of the map and the island it rests on. It is known to the players as the area where you are waiting for the round to start. Since it might be the most secluded place on the whole map it is sometimes unreachable. The Prison itself is filled with good loot and vehicles, so escaping it is pretty easy. The only prison in history that has a lot of firearms for a gives its residents a bunch of options to run away.


This is another prime location, with a handicap. It is right in the middle of landmass, expect bloodshed at any time of the round. Being in the middle has advantages, you will be in the first circle for sure. No need for the hasty looting or looking for vehicles. Be mindful that the best location in this town is an abandoned boxing arena, get there as soon as you can or try to land on it. Plenty of level 3 loot is waiting at the risk of dying in the first minutes of the round. Calculate it wisely.

Minas Generales

A location hiding in plain sight. That’s the most accurate description of Minas Generales. It is “hiding” in the middle of the map, right between some prime locations like Pecado and Hacienda. On the east, there are Impala and El Azahar and in the south La Bendita (the site of a plane crash). Since every single one of these locations is bigger and better looting spot it will attract more people, leaving this place deserted most of the time right in the middle of the map.


Chumacera is full of high buildings and therefore it’s a good defending position, especially for a squad and duo. There is enough loot there to equip yourself nicely, plus the middle of the map is closed. If you are not in the first circle you can get to it quickly. Those are all good reasons why Chumacera is on this list. It doesn’t have something in particular to add, but a lot of different and useful features.

Important map elements:

-Small squares represent a 100 meter distance

-Large squares represent a 1 kilometer distance

-You can glide around 1.25 kilometers after the drop.