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There are 2 light machine guns in the game at the moment, but one of them is in the special section, only obtainable through the Airdrop crates.

Much like the assault rifles they can be used at any range with the same effectiveness, excellent weapons to use even at the very end of the game. Their range is outstanding, so you can use them even in the long range without any trouble. The rate of fire is good, but what they excel at is damage dealing. They have significantly more damage than the assault rifles and even more than some DMR-s. You can level the enemy at the medium or short range in one quick burst. Quite the punch, you have to admit. In theory even the enemies at the long-range die as fast, but you won’t be able to hit a burst at that range.

Now that you know the pros let’s talk about the cons so you wouldn’t consider them a perfect weapon. First of all the spread is really bad. It’s not hard to wield the weapons while shooting, but if you compare them to the assault rifles the spread is awful. The second one is the urge to fire with them like a madman and quickly burn out all of your ammo. Mostly because of the magazine size, which is the highest in the game. That and the Rambo movies. The third one is a lack of attachments for LMG-s, they can only equip sights. You can’t really upgrade any of the raw stats, so if you compare it to some fully upgraded weapons the advantage which in the beginning seemed great melts down rapidly.

Light Machine Guns Ammo Magazine Damage Range Spread Rate of Fire Firing Mode
DP-28 7.62 47 49 300m 9 550rpm single/auto


Russian made LMG which first saw action 90 years ago. Because of the disc-shaped magazine on the top, it was often named the record player.

In the game, this is the automatic weapon with most damage per shot. It reigns supreme in the said stat with 49 damage per round to a foe without a vest. This means that you can take down any foe with 3 rounds if he isn’t wearing a level 3 armor! A tremendous power, being able to kill someone in 0.33 seconds without hitting the head. It has a 47 round magazine, the biggest one of all regular weapons. Try not to give in to the urge to hold the trigger like a mother holds the child and you’ll do well. Fire in the bursts of 3 rounds, not more. If you fall to the temptation and squeeze the trigger prepare for a shooting charade. Why might someone ask? The spread of the bullets is hard to contain in the automatic fire mode, so you might be able to hit with the first bullet and maybe one after that if you are lucky. DP-28 deals maximum damage up to 50 meters and the minimum damage starts after 300m, but it’s not easy to hit at the long distance anyway because of the bullet velocity which is fairly low on DP-28. When you get used to shooting with it, this won’t be so much of a trouble, just try to shoot in front of the moving foe. Another thing I would like to emphasize is the noise the weapon makes. Without any exaggeration a deaf naked mole rat will be able to hear you from a 1 km radius, so you need to be careful with shots and shoot only when you are certain you can kill an enemy.