There are 4 sniper rifles in PUBG Mobile at the moment: Win94, K98, AWM, and M24. In this guide, we will talk only about the K98 and Win94, because the other two are special drops obtainable through Airdrop crates and they are reviewed in the Special weapon section.

Naturally, they have the longest range in the game and the slowest rate of fire. Snipers are used in most of the game except for the last few minutes. You want to hold a weapon with a better rate of fire and less noise when it comes to the last few enemies. Anyway, this weapon requires some practice and dedication if you really are trying to master it. When you are able to hit a moving enemy a few hundred meters away with four out of five shots you can call yourself a good recon. I’m not saying you should shoot a moving enemy that’s so far away, you’ll probably expose your location this way. What you want to do with a recon is to hide and scout for the enemy, don’t shoot until he stops. The only two times you are allowed to shoot is if you have the silencer or if you are confident you’ll make a shot. Another reason you want for the enemy to stop is going for a headshot. This is extremely hard to accomplish if he is on the move. Headshot from any sniper rifle will kill a full health enemy if he isn’t wearing the level 3 headgear for protection, and if you are using the AWM even the helm won’t help him.

Be patient with the sniper, take your shots carefully. It is much smarter to let the enemy escape if you are not confident you’ll make the kill then to expose your location and get killed in the process.

Sniper Rifles Ammo Magazine Damage Range Spread Rate of Fire Firing Mode
K98 7.62 5 72 500m 8 31rpm single
Win94 0.45 8 66 500m 8 100rpm single




K98 is the most common and used sniper in the game because it’s easiest to find. You may find it in the Air drops and throughout the map.

This historic relic is using the 7.62mm ammo which is fairly easy to find. It has five rounds in a magazine, like most other sniper rifles. It takes 2 hits to the body to kill the enemy and only one to the head if he is not wearing a Spetsnaz Helmet. The range of 100 meters is enough, besides that, the minimum damage comes at 500 meters. No worries about making any shots at the longer range. Spread is high, but you don’t have to worry about that, you will mostly shoot from a crouching or a prone position so it will be reduced greatly. The rate of fire is also standard for this type of weapon, it’s somewhere between 31 and 32 rounds per minute.

This sniper rifle is probably the first one you’ll lay your hands on, something like your first car. You’ll practice on it for a while before moving on to a bigger one.



Winchester is the rifle you’ve probably seen in westerns. The repeating method on the weapon is unique and easy, which was the main reason it stormed the wild west. The one problem it had was the price, an honest cowboy could hardly afford to lay hands on this baby.

Another relic weapon in the game, it’s using the 0.45 ammo. The magazine can hold 8 rounds, so it is the largest amongst the sniper rifles. Damage is solid if you combine it to the rate of fire, but otherwise, it’s bad for the sniper rifle. The range is regular, the bullet drop starts around the 100 meters. Now, the thing you can’t read anywhere which is rather important to note: the gun can hold 1 attachment and to make it worse, it’s not the sights. And boy, the sight on the Winchester is bad. In long ranges it’s hard to aim at the standing enemy, God forbid you to try to hit someone moving. In close and medium ranges it gets better, but this is a SNIPER rifle. It’s supposed to be used in long and medium ranges because there are much better options in close range combat. The rate of fire is three times faster than the second best sniper rifle and this could be the only reason you should take it. If you are not a masochist that is. The weapon is exclusive to the Miramar map for now.