Saturday, February 23


These weapons are obtainable only through the airdrop crates and therefore deserve another category. For most of the games, you won’t use or even see them, because people who get a special tier weapon usually end up in the top five, where looting another player becomes an extremely dangerous business. We did not put them with the “regular” weapons, it wouldn’t be a fair contest. Each of them is the best in their category hands-down. There is one assault rifle, one light machine gun, one designated marksman rifle and two sniper rifles amongst them. We will try to break down each of them here, so let’s roll.

Light Machine Guns Ammo Magazine Damage Range Spread Rate of Fire Firing Mode
M249 5.56 100 44 400m 8 800rpm single/auto
Groza 7.62 30 48 400m 6 750rpm single/auto
AWM 0.300 5 120 700m 7.5 32rpm single
M24 7.62 5 88 600m 7.5 33rpm single
Mk14 EBR 7.62 10 60 500m 7 666rpm single/auto
AUG A3 5.56 30 44 500m 5 700rpm single/auto


M249 SAW


The SAW as many recognize it is one of two LMG-s in PUBG, obtainable only through the Airdrops. It is the best LMG in the game, so if you like the DP-28 you will fall in love with the M249.

It uses a standard NATO 5.56 rounds, but they deal a bit more damage than their assault rifle counterparts, 44 damage per body shot to the unarmored foe. Quite the damage, huh? The fun has just begun, so stay with me. It has THE best magazine in the game which holds a 100 rounds at the time! That means you won’t reload much, if at all during the whole game. Watch out, the trigger may itch you to squeeze it and never let go. Although this is satisfying like eating chocolate crisps on ice cream or leveling that long piece in Tetris, don’t do it. The ammo in the game is not abundant and should be used with care. The range of the weapon is 75 meters, up to a minimum damage range of 400 meters which is more than enough; you can hardly spot the enemy at the said distance. The spread of the weapon is another reason not to use it in the automatic fire mode, you can’t hit anything except the air after a first few rounds.  The rate of fire of the M249 is exceptional, it can fire 800 rounds per minute. Combined with its awesome power, you can kill a foe with armor level 1 or less in 0.225 seconds, or three hits and a foe with higher armor in 0.3 seconds or 4 hits. This is what makes these weapons so powerful even at the very end of the round.



Another weapon carrying “the best” label in his category. Groza is an amazing weapon altogether. Although is leaning a bit more towards the SMGs in the terms of use, it has a much higher basic stats.

Let’s begin with the ammo. The weapon is using 7.62mm ammo, so the damage per shot is the same as the AKM – the highest amongst all AR-s. It has a regular 30 rounds magazine. The range of the weapon is 60 meters, fine for an assault rifle and more than enough in the terms in which the game is played… Spread follows the pattern: more damage, more spread. Spread is really high for this type of weapon, so you need to shoot in bursts of few rounds if the enemy isn’t a few meters away. We came to the part why this weapon is so devastating, the rate of fire is – 750 rounds per minute! Combined with the damage it deals you can kill an enemy in a really quick burst before he knows what hit him. The weapon has 2 firing modes – automatic and the single round.

Why did I say the weapon should be used more like the SMG? Because the bullet speed is low, it is hard to hit a moving target from the distance if he is moving. The weapon is best at the close and medium ranges.



The best sniper rifle in the game and the weapon with the most damage per shot beside shotguns.

AWM is using the special 0.300 ammo. This could be a bit of a problem if you are not careful with your shots because you can only find this ammo in the Airdrop crates. Now about the damage of this weapon. Headshots will kill an enemy no matter what helmet he is using. For the same reason, this weapon is devastating in the hands of a good shooter. Not only that, shots to the body will kill any unarmored foe. Don’t count on this thou, because people rarely run around without an armor, but still, if you hit the body it will leave them near death. One or two shots afterward from any automatic weapon will finish the job. Maximum damage starts falling off at the 150 meters and it gets to the minimum at 700 meters. The rate of fire is standard for a sniper rifle, but I would recommend waiting for another round to reload only if the enemy is too far away, so you have to finish him off with a rifle.

One last note: the weapon is extremely loud, make sure you are hidden when you shoot.



The only weapon in this category that doesn’t carry “the best” title beside AUG, and that’s because of the AWM.

M24 is using the 7.62mm ammo, so that shouldn’t be a trouble to find. It can pack some punch but don’t expect to kill a foe with one shot, it won’t happen if you are not aiming for a head. The weapon has a standard 5 round magazine and the rate of fire which is slightly better than the AWM, you won’t notice the difference. It has a lower range than the AWM, “just” 120 meters, up to 600 meters. Jokes aside, this is really high but don’t expect to hit a foe that far if he isn’t standing like a tree. One other thing is bullet velocity, it is much lower than that of AWM and much closer to Kurtz 98. This makes hitting the moving targets at the higher distance a tiresome experience.

M24 is really that middle child, who is never a favorite. People will always prefer the AWM because he is simply the best or K98 because it is much more available.



The best DMR in the game, and not just because of the highest raw damage or the rate of fire. I’ll get to the point.

MK14 uses the 7.62 ammo, which can pack quite the punch. It deals 60 damage per shot to unarmored foes or in other words the most of all DMR-s. Not a real surprise. The magazine is pretty standard and it holds 10 rounds. Max damage is dealt up to 120 meters, and it drops up to a distance of 600 meters where it reaches the minimum. Spread is 7, again standard for a DMR. The rate of fire is quite good, but again it’s pretty standard for the DMR. What’s the catch? Well, this DMR has the automatic fire mode! One common weakness of any sniper rifle and the DMR is that they are bad at close ranges. This DMR can null this. Even the foes with the highest tier armor will die if shot with 3 rounds from this beast. One of the best weapons in the game, you can use it with ease in the latest stage of the round as well as in the beginning. People who like the DMR-s will find it hard not to shed a manly tear when they lay hands on the MK14.



AUG is a really good assault rifle, but I don’t think that it deserves to be in the airdrop crates. Maybe they put it there to balance the drop itself, I don’t know.

Let us start off with the ammo. As most other assault rifles in the game, it is using  5.56 ammo. The magazine of the weapon is standard for AR-s and it holds 30 rounds. The damage is 44- another standard for a 5.56. The range is slightly better than any other AR. It deals the maximum damage up to 70 meters and it drops to a minimum damage at 500 meters. Spread is good, it doesn’t have a bad recoil. The rate of fire is solid for AR, and the weapon has two standard firing modes- auto and a single round.

This weapon is basically an M416 with a slightly better rate of fire and a slightly better range.