In this week’s PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) event, Metal Rain, players have enjoyed plenty of new features, all of which came across a positive reception. PUBG Metal Rain event adds additional exciting features and rules to the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds basics. This time it seems the developers have really hit the spot judging by the feedback all over the web.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Metal Rain event, active this week, allows players to shoot a flare up to the sky and have an armored vehicle delivered. This, however, is not this event’s highlight, as the flare drops are rare, but the doubled team sizes are the true highlight!

Normally, as you probably know very well, squad sizes are up to 4 players, but now during PUBG Metal rain event, you can form 8 player squads. This significantly changed the game’s pace as teams of 8 have much wider tactical and strategic options. Not to mention that playing in a team of 8 with good communication is incredibly rewarding in and of itself.

Not to be misleading, the players generally report that this week’s Metal Rain event ensures total mayhem, but the gameplay is much more productive and emphasizes this one advantage PUBG definitely has over other Battle Royale games. Instead of making the game more chaotic, this 8 player squad mode actually slows the game down, even more, making people playing an entirely different game.

Now, the focus is on the safety of the whole team, as everybody is constantly on the lookout. Teams move quickly and in sync when they need to move, and make the sight-line manipulation game an even more worthy ploy. The entire squad tactically takes up tree covers and fights for even the slightest edge on the battlefield.

The bottom line is that PUBG’s Metal Rain event emphasizes the game’s already epic gameplay and features and works towards getting the players and teams an even greater gaming reward. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have really hit the spot with this week’s Metal Rain event, and we hope they keep ‘em coming.