Puppy in Peril Review


Are you an animal rights fighter? Do you like animals? Puppy in Peril mobile game might be the game to make us see the sad reality of the world but in a fun way. It’s just the whole setting of the game, its short but brilliant story, and its mechanics that hit the spot regarding animal cruelty that will make you think. Puppy in Peril Android game also provides some hard challenges and puzzles, so let’s delve a little deeper.


Developed by the Wishmaster Studios, Puppy in Peril release date was on May 27, 2019, and the game is still in its infant stages on Google Play. Puppy in Peril Android mobile game has a 5-star rating but not many votes at this point. The reception, although not wide, is very positive. People are liking the game’s idea of providing puzzle challenges and pairing it with funny gameplay, while also promoting love for pets. Puppy in Peril mobile game was brought to life by Wishmaster Studios and it is their only title so far. It is an indie game development studio, but it is showing much ambition in terms of pairing big ideas with engaging gameplay.

Animal Protection Story

Behind Puppy in Peril game lies a simple but strong message that targets animal cruelty and rights. The player controls a puppy, which is initially a Labrador Retriever but you get other breeds later, and you guide it through a puzzle maze or sort. However, the puppy is being attacked by gangs or people, for no apparent reason. And, it is precisely the same in real life. Regarding Animal Welfare, Austria is number one country, followed by New Zealand, Switzerland, the U.K., Chile, and others.

Puppy in Peril gameplay

Puppy in Peril Android is a puzzle game, plain and simple. But, it features perhaps never before seen features and puzzle settings. It is super easy to pick up and learn to play, but since level one, it can be very, very challenging. As mentioned, you need to guide your Puppy from start to finish, through a puzzle-like environment while escaping angry mobs.

Your first Puppy is a Labrador Retriever, but you can unlock others later, like Bulldogs, Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Bernese Mount Dog, Blue Heeler, Border Collie, Boxers, and many others. So, in a way, this game can also provide some basic education about dog breeds and raise your awareness about animal cruelty happening all over the world.

The unique features this Puppy in Peril puzzle game brings are its very setting. Your whole screen gets filled with rows and columns of various spiky objects and shapes. The goal is to guide your Puppy through it, but it can only build paths when two objects connect. So, you need to shift the setting and shuffle the objects a bit, and you do so by moving the rows and columns. However, once the Puppy crosses any given connection, it gets tied with a rope and any rows or columns in its respective directions can no longer be moved.

Furthermore, there are some bonuses you need to keep an eye on while reaching the exit and also, you need to deal with criminal mobs. Now, this is where the fun part comes in, for one of the ways your puppy deals with gangs is by dropping excrement on them, which is a fitting way to dispose of those who engage in animal cruelty, wouldn’t you agree?!

The whole puzzle challenge is sealed with a limitation on the time you can take to solve a level, and with a limitation, on the number of moves, you can make. Each move you make, each shift in the rows or columns, and each movement of the Puppy expands your limited moves. You start with a certain amount, and once you spend all your moves but don’t reach the end, its game over.


Puppy in Peril Android represents a good and noble idea. The game is clearly made by a dog lover for dog lovers and puzzle aficionados. It is deceptively simple but actually very challenging right from the start. It is educational and it will teach you to know the dog breeds apart from one another if you are not familiar with them. And, finally and most importantly, it raises awareness for animal cruelty and promotes animal welfare.

7.3 Good
  • Atmosphere 8
  • Graphics 7
  • Gameplay 7
  • User Ratings (4 Votes) 7.7