QuestLord 2 Coming to Mobile

QuestLord 2 to Launch Worldwide Tomorrow

It’s been five years since the release of the first QuestLord a hardcore RPG developed by Eric Kinkead’s studio Lava Level. Now, we are finally going to get a sequel and it’s a matter of days before it arrives on Google Play and App Store.

QuestLord 2 is set in the Realms of the Second Age, a fantasy world where players must solve challenges and help Sorceress Thelia to save the world. Development of the game started after the success of the first game and both games were created by Eric Kinkead who has been part of the game development industry for more than 30 years.

The first game is considered by many ones of the best classic RPGs for mobile in the past decade. The world there was made from 160 maps, and to complete quests you had to talk with NPCs and conquer the enemies. So, although there isn’t much information on the sequel, it’s fair to say it will be even better and more exciting.

Although the game may appear simple, it is far from that. Many players praised its complexity and ability to depict true elements of the role-playing genre. QuestLord 2 will feature 5 Lore types: Magic, Science, Beast, Battle, and Scout, as well as their specific skills and abilities. Also, players will be able to take notes on the map and hundreds of NPCs to interact with which will make the story richer and fuller as they progress. Kinkead also promises tons of quests and a QuickGame intended to take you into the action.

And when it comes to Eric Kinkead, you can trust that he knows what he’s doing. He worked on titles developed for various platforms like Arcade Coin-Op, Gameboy and Gamecube as well as PlayStation and Windows PC. All this experience is something you can easily feel in the QuestLord and undoubtedly the sequel will also show off his expertise and dedication.

The first game is currently free on AppStore and around $2 on Google Play Store which is really a nice offer for such an interesting game. QuestLord 2 will be available on App Store and Google Play Store on December 18 across the world for $6.99 at launch. Happy hunting QuestLords!