Radiation City Switch

Game Radiation City Now Available on Nintendo Switch

If you haven’t tried it yet, Radiation City, an open-world survival video game is a must. Now, Radiation City Nintendo Switch release is out, and it’s in the midst of the success of the Chernobyl TV show. Chernobyl catastrophe is this game’s main motif, as its amazing storyline is set in rebuilt city of Pripyat. The game has scored overly positive reviews on all platforms, and now it has arrived on Switch.

Radiation City is set four years after the Chernobyl catastrophe, after the nuclear power plant had its accident depicted quite truthfully in the Chernobyl TV show. The story is set in Pripyat, and it pits the player against a large scale mystery with the life of a loved one at stake. It is both immersive and engaging, and it will prompt you to really care for the outcome.

The gameplay is set in an open-world area that is now filled with anomalies and various dangers. There is an entire new race of sub-human creatures and predators that are lurking, while radiation and the elements together create unexplained phenomenon. Much of the unexplained will happen throughout the game as the player must navigate the environment as it is and scavenge for resources necessary to survive.

The game is developed by Atypical Games studio and this is their sequel to the successful Radiation Island game. The studio is behind such titles as Sky Gamblers and Battle Supremacy, and now they have released Radiation Island Switch for our pleasure. Check out the launch trailer below and see how the game will use graphics capability available on Switch to immerse the player completely:

According to Atypical Games, Radiation City Switch version also comes with a few improvements and unique features, like revamped visuals (updated graphics and visuals, including lighting, shading, and building interiors), new combat systems (Evade or slay hungry predators and subhuman creatures with updated physics-based combat), and with even bigger stakes. Switch players will experience a hardened world with bigger consequences including checkpoint restarts instead of instant respawns.