Rage 2 Review


Rage 2 FPS game is the second installation of what was initially only id Software’s effort but now done in conjunction with Avalanche Studios. Published by Bethesda Softworks on May 14, 2019, Rage 2 scored pretty high up on most lists and enjoys initial critical success. This release date has seen Rage 2 PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions so far.

Rage 2 story

Rage 2, like its predecessor’s storyline, is set in the aftermath of a Meteor that struck the Earth and ‘cleansed’ most of the world we know today. Mankind was pushed back to the barren lands and is forced to live in this new post-apocalyptic world. They named the meteor “Apophis “. To make matters worse, an oppressive organization named The Authority rose up and tried to take over the entire earth.

In the first installation of the series, a man named Nicholas Raine directly opposed them and thwarted their plans, but now The Authority is taking another shot on an even more sinister level.

Rage 2 gameplay

The story and the gameplay are seemingly immersed as the player is introduced to both the mechanics of the game and the storyline along the way. In Rage 2, you play as either a male or a female character and regardless which you chose you will have the same position towards the story. You are a ranger named Walker.

The game offers the player direct control and choice over Walker’s skills, attributes, attire, and other things customizable. The weapon set is quite wide and besides the standard arms, you can also have returning weapons like the Wingstick. Furthermore, Walker possesses something called Nanotrite powers and he can use his Overdrive mode to augment everything he does, which raises the level of the game’s action pace.

The Nanotrites were also featured in the first game, but this time their effect has been widened and it gives the player a large number of ways in which to utilize them. Boosting one’s combat ability turns the game into a carnage fest as you mow down through enemies in a frenzy, which gives the game a fun FPS aspect. Rage 2 has been compared to the Mad Max 2 movie and games like Borderlands and Fallout.

Rage 2 graphics and appearance

As far as the game’s presentation goes, Rage 2 graphics are pretty advanced and produces a solid representation of the current PS4, Xbox One capability. Modeling in this game makes it stand out from other First Person Shooters as well as the method the visuals are blended in with the game’s mechanics. The contrast of light or dark setting, action or conversation scenes and the overall arc of the game really create an unusually immersive experience for an FPS game.

Final Verdict

Rage 2 offers an immersive setting with pleasant visuals for all lovers of in-game destruction. The world you play in is an artwork. As far as the game’s mechanics go, the game offers innovative combat action with insanely satisfying fast-paced moments of pure carnage. On the other hand, the only negative feedback Rage 2 got was for its cliché plot.

8.3 Epic
  • Atmosphere 9
  • Graphics 8
  • Gameplay 8
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 8