Rally Legends

In this racer, it’s just you and your car against everything else. The elements, every corner, tree, and bad car setup are all designed to delay you as you race to beat the clock, or more accurately beat the time other drivers achieved on that specific track. Rally Legends is appealing because of its rewarding experience, being easy to pick up but hard to master, as you can improve at driving and taking risks almost like in actual racing.

Developed by Nicola Zanardi, Rally Legends focuses on a simple truth, which is that F1 racing games are too technical, touring racing can be too chaotic, and kart games are a bit too puerile. This rally style brings the perfect racing experience in a sense that it brings a huge variety of racing tracks and conditions for you to master.


Consistency is at the heart of this game, as you strive to drive in a successful and stable manner, with moments of extraordinary moves and flashy driving stunts. The controls are handled in a way where they feel affected by the terrain and the elements, i.e. the weather. If it is raining and the track is wet, you will feel the difficulty when you try to make a hard corner turn or avoid something.

As mentioned, there are plenty of different tracks, 46 in total, which together covers over 100km in distance. The dynamic weather effects make the experience of this game constantly fresh, because no two races are really the same.

The details on the cars are also numerous, as there are 18 unique models you can choose from, which can all be modified according to your specifications, from tire height, gear ratios, to suspension stiffness, and everything in-between.


This game has a simplistic look, which is what makes it easy to pick up, but successfully maneuvering your car through all of the factors that make your drive harder is not easy at all, in fact at times it can be quite difficult, as each mistake tends to be a link in a chain of unfortunate choices you make.

The game’s simple models and resolution capability are not demanding, making the game run perfectly on most devices. It also gives the game an old, late 90s PC game vibe, from games like Ignition.

The simple polygon look resembles the fan favorite Pako, which is a cult classic driving game, which comes of as a clean and smooth, perfect for the mobile screen.

The complete impression

This game’s complete experience makes you a good driver and a versatile mechanic, because you really need to get into the modifications and tweaks your car needs, but also you need to know how they feel during driving, which is where the highly responsive and peculiar controls come into place.

Also, Rally Legends cars can get damaged during driving, which sometimes affects your driving and makes your life complicated. Since time is a factor, you need to not only drive like a champ, but also plan your car set up well and really show your skill in recognizing the right options for the right situation. This is what gives Rally Legends its rewarding experience, but naturally, there is also a leaderboard, which allows you to race and compare results with players all over the world. This free to play racing game comes highly recommended for all fans of the genre.

Rally Legends



This free to play racing game comes highly recommended for all fans of the genre.

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