Rangi: Explore the Mystical lands of Africa

The time for virtual reality (VR) games is yet to come, but we are slowly witnessing various game developers dip their toes in the waters and try to explore the territory. There are no AAA titles done exclusively for VR to speak of, but these small offerings coming out could be setting the sights for what we are to see in the future. As one of these, Rangi is an unassuming puzzler that skillfully uses the VR technology to create a rich universe that feels palpable and engaging.

Rangi takes you all the way to the continent of Africa, on a quest to return the life energy called Chúkwú to the wandering Music Giants. They were the ones who roamed the continent, keeping the life-giving rhythm going, and guiding the beat of the people’s hearts… The rhythm used to be strong and loud, filling the children with joy and bringing strength to the tribe’s warriors, keeping the land of Ota in a state of peace and harmony, and the people of Nchi content and happy.

Unfortunately, no good thing lasts forever, and the wicked Matata, the interrupters, the stealers of sound, came to the land and stole Chúkwú from the Giants, locking away their life force in a series of secret puzzles. Not all is lost, however! The wise men sing of one who can unlock the mysteries of the interrupters, one who’ll bring back the life force to the Music Giants and restore balance to the land. His name is Guruki, and he’s our protagonist. You’ll be seeing the lands of Ota through Guruki’s eyes, and guiding him as he tries to unlock the machinations of the Matata and give back Chúkwú to the Giants.

The VR world of Rangi is a beauty to behold, as you go along exploring the vivid and colorful African landscapes inspired by tribal art and ancient architecture. The background story of rhythm translates incredibly well as you’re gently guided along by soothing tribal drums and music. The puzzles are not incredibly complex, but nothing to scoff at either, and you’ll have an interesting time trying to complete them all, as well as find all the collectible hidden artifacts that are scattered around the mystical world of Ota. You’ll visit many temples, run from enemies and evade traps, and you’ll even experience VR flight. That one is a real trip!

All in all, Rangi is a sweet little VR offering, and you’d do good to try it out. Funsoft, the team behind the title, is actually North African themselves, based in Casablanca, so they infuse authentic cultural inspiration into this gorgeous virtual world, making it a genuine African experience.




All in all, Rangi is a sweet little VR offering, and you’d do good to try it out.

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