Reality Clash: AR Combat Game coming to UK this April


Reality Clash: AR Combat Game is the first ever AR (Augmented Reality) Combat Game in the history of video games, and it is definitely announced as one of the highlights of 2019. If you are not acquainted with the Augmented Reality concept just remember Pokemon Gó.

So, what’s new in Reality Clash: AR Combat Game if we already have Augmented Reality games? Well, this will be the first of its kind where the players will actually be able to battle against each other in a real-time environment. The same concept will come with the upcoming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game, where the players will be able to cast spells at one another through their mobile devices. However, Reality Clash: AR Combat Game is first and as such it just made history.

Developed by Reality Gaming Group, Reality Clash: AR Combat Game will turn our streets into a battlefield. The game is in the FPS genre, but it will contain elements of exploration and strategy, as it should. It arrives on iOS and Android, initially in the UK but the rest of the world will soon follow.