Reality Clash is out!


Like we announced a few weeks ago, Augmented Reality FPS Reality Clash is finally out! It is available on iOS and Android in the UK and Western Europe. For those of you that are unaware, Reality Clash is an Augmented Reality game in which the players can fight against one another in real-time (think Pokemon Gó, but First-Person Shooter). This is pretty much what separates it from other AR games since it’s pretty much the first one that features battles in a real-time environment.

Developed by Reality Gaming Group, games studio developing augmented reality, geo-location gaming platform, this game will make gamers run around like headless chickens, fighting each other for power and glory. It is kind of similar to kids back in the day shooting one another with toy guns, just this time instead of those, players will be using their phones. The idea is definitely fun and promising, especially given the fact that real-time battles play one of the major roles in this game.

The game features various different types of weapons, including all-popular Assault Rifles, SMGs, side-arms and many other different firearms you can use to eliminate your opponents. There are many different variations for each of the weapons, which is definitely a nice thing.

It remains to be seen how popular this game will be, but one thing is certain – it surely brought up an interesting concept, never before seen in an FPS game, which in itself is a very bold move. We’ll find out soon enough whether or not players will enjoy running around shooting each other.